Inspired by the work of legendary woodworker Sam Maloof, this project will show you how to use wood rasps to sculpt beautiful curved joints, and guide you step-by-step through tackling some basic leather work as you weave leather lace to form the beautiful and comfortable seat. The curves and leather weaving might make this bench look intimidating, but it is well within the reach of the intermediate woodworker using the processes laid out in this plan.

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68 Responses to “Maloof-Inspired Bench with Woven Leather Seat”

  1. Steven Bayer

    Please disregard my previous question. My apologies.

  2. Steven Bayer

    May I have the templates? Also, where would I find the video?

  3. Allen Mathis

    Think I will try this one.

  4. Andrew Kirk

    This looks great I will have a go at making it 😀

  5. Tyson Kunz

    I built this and I like it, however I wish I had made some modifications to follow more like the actual maloof chair. I have modified it and plan to make another one soon.

  6. Kevin Hursh


  7. Christopher Pazienza

    I found the plans but I can’t find the video. :)

  8. Butch Alvarez


  9. Felice Storey

    I would like to receive the templates please.

  10. Valerie Staats

    I’d like to try. Are the plans available?