If you’re looking for a special box for special items, you’ll love our wooden keepsake box plans. This is a great woodworking project that includes box joints and an-easy-to-make inlay in the lid. Even if you know nothing about creating inlays, you’ll have no problem crafting the inlay for this project. Our step-by-step plans provide everything you need to build this project. Check out this quick video demonstrating the use of the star inlay jig you will use in this project.

Making Box Joints

Box joints are a key element of our keepsake box. The author uses a simple shop-made box joint jig for the table saw to create perfectly fitting joints. If you want to make a similar jig for your shop, be sure to check out our box joint jig plans.

Handmade Gifts

There’s nothing quite like crafting and giving gifts you’ve made yourself. Woodworker’s Guild of America has many handmade gift plans you can take advantage of.

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66 Responses to “How to Make a Wooden Keepsake Box”

  1. Tom Davis

    This looks like an interesting project. I am looking forward to it.

  2. Geoff

    The plans look very good, but you don't say how to use the star jig.

  3. Robert jimenez

    Please send it

  4. Jimmy

    This is what I was looking for. Now I just have to build it.

  5. Bruce Jensen

    This box is lovely and I have started it, but someone needs to go through the instructions again and , even though it might be obvious, I followed the directions for the sides and front, glued them all up, then wondered how the heck the 1/4 plywood bottom gets put in - hmmmm that seems to be missing entirely and so now I have this lovely 4 sided box joint device that I can no longer put the bottom in. Maybe I'm too literal? It also would be nice to include the routered top instructions as well and not find them in the comments.

  6. Clayton Ryon


  7. Jim Fisk

    Like to look at plans


    I downloaded this plan and it states there is a pdf. Was not attached. What’s up

  9. Marco Palio Bustilios


  10. RANDY

    What is the depth of the finger cuts? Are they also 1/4"?