Box joints are a wonderful combination of form and function. They look great, especially when made with contrasting materials and, with their significant surface area for glue, are very strong. Our shop-made table saw box joint jig is simple to make and easy to use. In all likelihood you have enough scrap in your shop right now to build it. Our plans provide you with everything you need to know about how to make a box joint jig.

Using the Jig

Once the jig is built, you’ll need to tweak it for perfectly fitting box joints. We provide a simple, low tech solution that allows you to create excellent box joints, every time. Check out this quick video that demonstrates how the jig is made and used.

Projects with Box Joints

Looking for a great project you can make with your table saw box joint jig? Our Wooden Keepsake Box is a wonderful project that includes not only box joints, but a simple to make star shaped inlay.

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