This shelving project can add beauty to any corner as well as house your favorite collectibles. The alternating shelf directions seem to cascade their way down the corner creating a lightness and playfulness that make it a piece of art as well. I first saw a project similar to this one years ago and then decided to adapt it into a simple woodworking project. The shelves and back supports are all made from the same size pieces, so the cutting list couldn’t get any easier. The aprons at the top and bottom are half-size pieces cut from one of the 7” x 7” blanks. It’s all held together with #20 biscuits and starts with sub-assemblies, and then a final glue up.

Click here to watch an overview video of this project

Click here to watch a video on how to use a biscuit joiner for this project

Click here to watch a video rendering of the assembly process for this project

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24 Responses to “Cascading Corner Shelf”

  1. Coach Franks

    In the planning stage for middle school wood project for the year

  2. luis unzueta

    very interesting project

  3. Steve

    I like the projects that you are doing with scrap wood. Please show more. I have abundant of scrap wood.

  4. Chris


  5. Frank

    can you use a domino joiner instead of a biscuit joiner?

  6. Joseph Mracna

    I like the design.

  7. Larry Hughes

    Looks like fun to make

  8. Richard

    Love easy plans. Need to build narrow shelving on slider 8 in.w 24h30h any plans.

  9. sveto

    Stvarno vam se sviđa vaša polica

  10. Clinton

    Cascading Corner Shelf