A perfect marriage of form and function, this traditional hope chest is as useful in the den, dining room or hall as it is in the bedroom. The project is great for extra linens, but the large storage compartment and generous drawer work just as well for games, CDs, DVDs, scarves and mittens, table linens or almost anything else. And the handsome Craftsman style complements any decor.

If you adhere to these hope chest plans, the hope chest measures 36 inches long by 24 inches tall by 21 inches deep.

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44 Responses to “Hope Chest Plans”
  1. bigm511

    Built one with minor changes, out of cedar harvested from tree taken down in my yard.. Will post pictures later…

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  2. Rob

    want to make as a toybox for my 9 month old granddaughter then use as a hope chest later and line the upper chamber with cedar.

  3. Dan Giarraputo

    Plans for hope chest. Some direction. Never done this before. Just starting. Thanks

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  4. msalt12

    In Step one you say to cut the curves, What is the best way to make a stencil and what does R 13″ and R 83 7/16″ mean

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