This DIY plant table is the perfect place to prepare plants for the garden. It’s also a great spot for repotting or for isolating diseased plants.

The project is about 34 inches tall – standard counter height – by 46 inches long by 15 inches wide. It supports two removable trays, each measuring 7 inches tall by 21 inches long by 17 inches wide. The trays, with cut-out handholds, allow gardeners to carry flowers and plants to the garden for planting or to move them for proper exposure to the sun. Both trays and the bottom shelf of the table are slatted for drainage.

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68 Responses to “Plant Table”

  1. Herlan César Freyre Antich

    Se ve muy bien para mi terraza.

  2. Morrow Samuel

    Can't wait to build this I believe I'm going to build it for my younger sister she's going to love it.

  3. zzz

    looks nice

  4. Kevin Muirheid

    I am a member and that is my address

  5. ken stevens

    no measured plan. False advertising.

  6. ken stevens

    I can't access the plan on my premium membership. Why?

  7. Yuri Nilo

    Hello!! Is there any video of this project?

  8. Patrick Keegan

    I am a member


    do you have plans for plant stand

  10. slnbrtrnd

    I've been trying to update my membership with the $7 offer from yesterday.