Just the right size for a child’s room, this handsome woodworking project adds valuable storage space wherever it’s used. Six roomy drawers are complemented by a big storage cabinet that can also be used as a wardrobe for hanging clothes.

The child’s armoire measures about 45 inches tall by 38 inches wide by 18 inches deep. WWGOA strives to provide, easy DIY woodworking projects to all of our members.

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15 Responses to “Child's Armoire Plans”

  1. Marty Luevano

    I can never download plans. Frustrating!

  2. Gwen

    Love new plans

  3. robert adams

    childs armoire

  4. joseph

    I wanna win for the 1st time ever

  5. jackew

    I'm logged in, but still unable to locate the downloadable plan.

  6. James Tanner

    hope to build it soon

  7. jjtracey@msn.com

    Page 1 is not legible.

  8. DAN


  9. Ruben Garcia

    Where is the plan?

  10. jose sanchez

    childs armoire plans