Like the books it’s designed to protect and display, a well-made bookcase is a classic in its own right. At home in almost any room of the house, few pieces of furniture embody such a blend of form and function. Our bookcase plans will guide you through the build process quickly giving you the storage space you’ve been looking for.

 This do-it-yourself version is no exception: as versatile as it is handsome, it will accommodate any reader’s prized collection in style. A good project for woodworkers of all skill levels, the bookcase measures 60 inches tall by 34 inches wide by 14 inches deep if you follow our bookcase plans.

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48 Responses to “Bookcase Plans”

  1. David

    I downloaded the bookcase 907M plan and as I was reviewing shelf pin hole pattern I need a little clarification - the holes start at 1 1/2" from the front of side and holes are drilled 1 1/4" spacing. What is the 2 1/4" measurement? Thank you.

  2. Greg Chambers

    Thank you

  3. Patrick Sheeley

    I joined this site a short time ago, I thought it was supposed to have hundreds of ww plans. After navigating this website there certainly isn't hundreds of plans. I feel like I've been had for sure.

  4. Norman Blackman

    Need bookcase and this one looks right

  5. Dave

    Like it

  6. Rolando Marasigan

    Do you have plan for entry table

  7. Howard Westen

    ‬ Could this plan be adjusted to make a bench with shoe rack shelves? I’m a newbie and that’s the first thing my wife wants.

  8. Fielding Ballard

    Need bookcases to store my books!

  9. Tim

    Wife asked me to build her a bookcase this one looks nice

  10. Pavel Derka

    If one is on a Mac with Safari, then upon clicking on the link, you will get an "access token is expired message. The way around that is to not click, but rather right click and select "download linked file as". That may be why some have difficulty in obtaining the plans.