With storage space at a premium in most homes, antique medical cabinets have become a popular (and expensive) way to add storage space to the bathroom. This do-it-yourself version, based on a classic doctor’s cabinet, includes the gleaming display space, generous storage and bright white finish of the originals, but without the expense of an antique.

Perfect for linens and toiletries, the project makes a great addition to the powder room. With its clean lines and pleasing proportions, it’s also at home in the kitchen or dining room as a handsome curio cabinet.

The bathroom cabinet measures 68 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 14 inches deep.

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37 Responses to “Bathroom Cabinet”


    Looking 4 ward to this.

  2. Joseph Moritz

    bathroom cabinets

  3. Ken

    Looks like a nice cabinet as it is, but with some modifications it could be used for a number of applications.

  4. Daniel Kapellen

    I see a need for something like this in my small bathroom

  5. Karen

    how do i get to the video/plans

  6. Adsenior Mec

    need copy

  7. pawan

    i want to build a bathroom cabinet

  8. Carl

    no coments

  9. Baldomero Segura

    Excellent plans

  10. Val

    I like this proyect.