Jimmy DiResta

Heirloom Toolbox

Jimmy DiResta
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Build a Classic Toolbox

Looking for a special place to store your tools? Look no more, this is it. Jimmy Diresta did a great job developing this project, and he’s ready to teach you how to make it. Almost all the work on the toolbox is done on a bandsaw, including the finger joints.

About the Finger Joints

Finger joints provide an incredibly strong way to join wood, and you’ll find them on both the box and the internal tray on this project. No table saw or router table required, Jimmy creates the finger joints on a bandsaw. He provides excellent tips about layout, accurate cutting and finessing the joints for a perfect fit.

Making a Perfect Lid

The easiest way to get a lid that’s a perfect fit for a box is to build them as one piece, and then cut the lid off later. You’ll learn how to make this cut on the table saw.

Shiplap-style Top and Bottom

The top and bottom of the toolbox are made from solid wood. To prevent expansion/contraction issues they’re applied using a shiplap joint. This is a great technique to learn, and a very traditional method for working with solid wood panels.

Freeform Bandsaw Work

Follow along as Jimmy walks you through his freeform method of developing the curves in the tray handle and chest handles. It’s as simple as tracing items you have laying around the shop. Jimmy’s method provides a great way to use what you have on hand to create curves in your projects.

Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta is a New York-based artist, designer, master builder and video producer. His work has been showcased on Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY and FX, Netflix & YouTube. His goal is to educate and inspire people to embark on their own home projects in an entertaining way. His unique builds are comprised of many different materials and processes. With his artisan skills and a shop full of power tools, he lets the build process speak for itself.

Jimmy DiResta

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