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Bandsaw Essentials + DVD

George Vondriska
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Bandsaw Essentials + DVD
  • In-depth Instruction; over 117 mins
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Let’s make sure your saw is up-to-snuff before we do any cutting. Give the tires a once over, make sure the table is square to the blade, and everything is working the way it should.

Proper blade selection is critical, and we’ll help you make sure you’re choosing the right width of blade and tooth count for your project. Then we’ll make sure you get your blades properly installed and the all the guides correctly set.

Bandsaw safety is very important. It involves hand position and controlling the workpiece. We’ll give you great tips and tricks to help you better follow your lay out lines, and cut more accurately. We’ll also provide you with two different techniques for cutting multiple duplicate parts, and teach you how to cut non-ferrous metals.

Woodworkers are often stymied by resawing. If everything isn’t set up perfectly, it’s easy for resawing to go badly. This lesson provides you with two approaches to resawing, including determining and setting a fence for drift compensation. Proper blade selection is also covered, along with a variety of approaches to help you match the height of your fence to the work you’re doing.

It’s very frustrating, and unsafe, when small offcuts jam between the saw blade and the table insert. This problem can be eliminated with a shop-made solution (using stuff you probably have laying around) and a commercially made solution that’s also a nice upgrade for your saw.

George wraps up this Class with a reminder to practice the processes and skills you learned on the bandsaw – and you’ll be on your way to using this key tool for many projects in your shop.

5 Lessons
1  hrs 57  mins

From tight curves to large sweeping curves, thin stock to thick timbers, bandsaws can handle it all. Equipped with the right blade, and correctly set up, the versatility of a bandsaw is amazing. This class will provide you with the information you need to get the most out of your bandsaw, use it safely, and make it a go-to tool in your shop.

What a bandsaw offers

What makes bandsaws so great? Lots of things. They have a significant thickness capacity, with most saws able to cut 6” or more. The kerf of a bandsaw blade is quite small, so there’s very little waste going up the dust chute. Combined with the ability to cut curves or dead straight lines, a bandsaw can be one amazing machine.

Set up

Many woodworkers consider their bandsaw only a coarse, rough cutting tool because they never learned to set it up correctly. It’s critical that the blade tracks correctly on the tires, the tires are clean, the guide blocks and thrust bearing are correctly set. Each of these aspects has a cumulative effect on how well (or how poorly) and bandsaw performs. We take you step by step through set up to make sure you get it right.

Using the saw

In addition to being able to correctly set up the saw, we want to make sure you’re using it properly and safely. Our tips on controlling and steering the material will help make your cuts more accurate. And we’ll simplify the set up required for resawing.

In total, you’ll get over 115 minutes of hands-on video instruction in this class. In addition to the detailed video help you’ll receive, the class provides you with some downloadable resources and helpful information to print and keep, including: A detailed Class Guide you can follow and use as a reminder for the key points of the class instruction; and a resources document that will give you information on the products you’ll see in the Class, including a handy Blade Radius Chart.

NOTE: You’ll receive this Class video instruction in two forms: As on-demand streaming video (in your WWGOA Account); and as a physical DVD, mailed to you.

George Vondriska

George Vondriska is the Editor in Chief here at Woodworkers Guild of America and has been sharing his woodworking expertise since 1986. Apart from conducting classes at his renowned Vondriska Woodworks School, George's passion for teaching has taken him to woodworking shows nationwide and has led him to teach woodworking for prestigious organizations such as Peace Corps/Swaziland, Andersen Window, Northwest Airlines, and the Pentagon. With a wealth of published magazine articles under his belt, encompassing tool reviews and shop improvement projects, George's knowledge and skills continue to inspire woodworkers every day. To discover more about him and his school, visit

George Vondriska

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