Jimmy DiResta

A Deluxe Shop Cabinet with a Stack of Pull-Out Drawers

Jimmy DiResta
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In this session, you will get a brief overview of the cabinet with a stack of pull-out drawers.
The carcase is held together with dado and rabbet joinery. This is a very common approach in cabinetmaking. Mastering these techniques opens the door to building many different types of cabinets. Jimmy teaches a number of key points that simplify the process and make it safer.
The scallops or cut outs on the bottom of the case give it a lighter look, and also create four distinct feet for the cabinet. The best way to perfectly duplicate this shape is to use a template, jig saw and router to create them. Doing the tray layout at this stage is much simpler than doing it after the cabinet is assembled. Another tip learned that comes from Jimmy’s many years of cabinet work.
With lots of time invested in making the carcase components you’re ready to carefully assemble the cabinet. MDF is VERY absorbent, so special attention is paid to applying glue. Correct positioning of the clamps helps keep the cabinet square as you assemble.
A well-made face frame adds a lot of rigidity to your cabinet. Getting the frame perfectly sized is critical, and Jimmy teaches how to do this without taking multiple measurements. This adds simplicity and accuracy. Pocket holes are used to hold the frame together, and an excellent assembly tip makes putting the frame together a lot easier.
Don’t grab your random orbit sander to smooth the face frame. Follow Jimmy’s hand sanding recipe for great results. It goes fast and works great. The face frame projects past the inside of the case so drawer slide fillers need to be added. You’ll learn tricks for getting them the correct size and in the right spot.
The pull out trays are joined with rabbets, so we’ll head back to the table saw and dado head. The most important part of drawer making is getting the width right, so you have a good fit. Once again Jimmy has a great tip that’ll simplify getting this right.
You’ll get the best results by having a system when you install the drawer slides. It’s all about consistency which comes from using spacers, not measuring, to get the slides installed in both the case and on the sides of the trays. It’s much easier to get this right the first time, using Jimmy’s tricks, then to go back and correct the trays’ positions later.
The beauty of the doors on this project is that the grain flows from door to door. Achieve this by carefully cutting the doors from one large piece of sheet stock. The unsightly MDF edges are covered with edge banding. Learn how to safely rip these narrow strips and get them correctly installed on the doors. With careful sanding the banding is made flush with the veneered face, and the doors can be installed on the cabinet. The same banding technique is used to create the top.
9 Lessons
1  hrs 2  mins

In addition to being a great addition to your shop or house, this versatile cabinetmaking project featuring six pull-out drawers is full of useful woodworking techniques. You’ll learn about building a cabinet carcase, banding plywood, crafting a face frame, and more. With its stack of drawers, there’s an incredible amount of storage space in this cabinet. Finding what you’re looking for in drawers is much easier than finding it on shelves.

Overall Construction
This project uses sheet stock for the case, dado and rabbet joinery, a face frame and overlay doors. The trays are mounted on full-extension side-mount drawer slides. Mastering these skills allows you to move on to many different projects such as: shop cabinets, a bathroom vanity, book cases, dressers and more. You can apply the skills learned in this class to many different projects for your house and shop.

Making Drawers or Trays
Drawers take a lot of abuse, so it’s important that they’re solidly built. The trays you’ll learn to build for this project are very robust. Working with full-extension drawer slides means getting the drawer box exactly the right size. Jimmy has great tricks that’ll help you with this and avoid measuring. Installing the slides correctly is critical and, again, Jimmy has a smart approach to making this easy.

Project Design
With multiple pull-out trays this is a versatile cabinet that can be used anywhere. It’ll provide a lot of excellent storage in your shop, laundry room, game room, office, etc. Careful attention was paid to creating the doors. With planning the grain runs continuously from left to right and looks amazing. The cabinet has four distinct feet thanks to the curve that’s cut into the face frame and case sides.

Great tips and techniques
Jimmy has been woodworking for a long time. In addition to the skills you need to create this amazing cabinet with its pull-out trays he provides you with time-tested woodworking nuggets that will make your time in the shop more efficient, and more pleasant.

Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta is a New York-based artist, designer, master builder and video producer. His work has been showcased on Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY and FX, Netflix & YouTube. His goal is to educate and inspire people to embark on their own home projects in an entertaining way. His unique builds are comprised of many different materials and processes. With his artisan skills and a shop full of power tools, he lets the build process speak for itself.

Jimmy DiResta

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