WWGOA LIVE! December 2017

We had a few tech problems, but once we got rolling things went great. A big thank you to Dave Munkittrick and the expertise he brought to our LIVE stream.

1:50 Dave’s intro
2:58 Joinery for a shadow box
4:28 Learning curve on a CNC machine
6:10 Miters on the bandsaw
8:40 Tips for getting started on the CNC
10:10 Plane set on its sole or on its side
11:15 Cutting large plywood panels
13:00 George’s hearing protection ISOTunes Pro https://amzn.to/2othY2q
15:20 Trimming face frame scribe
16:40 George’s bowl turning classes? www.vondriskawoodworks.com
17:15 Attaching a top to a workbench
19:15 Avoiding blotchiness when staining
21:32 Evenly spaced finger joints
23:14 Hearing protection for those with hearing aids
24:05 Attaching a workbench top to stretchers
25:20 Finish for shop cabinets
26:01 Belt driven CNC?
26:28 Inlay is cupping
27:23 Finishing 3D scenes cut on the CNC
30:48 Snipe on benchtop planers
35:47 Using a powered hand planer
38:47 Thick bar top finish
41:50 Heat resistant finish for trivets
42:35 Source for plastic laminate
43:40 Replace cutter head or replace jointer?
45:45 10” blade on 12” tablesaw?
47:05 Helical head on a jointer

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91 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! December 2017”

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      My sander has clips on the drums, and they hold great. If you’re having lots of problems I’d contact the manufacturer and see if they have suggestions.

  1. Dale Getz

    I recently moved to Denver where it is very dry. My Jointer seems to gouge more than in Minnesota even with sharp blades.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Hmmmmmm. I don’t know. I can’t imagine an environmental change that would affect how your jointer cuts. Did the tables on the jointer get out of alignment from the move?

  2. engine

    Snipe: I have my in and out feed tables set at the thickness of a dime above the planer bed. I am using a Dewalt DW 735 .Snipe is almost non-existent. Stillwater, MN

  3. BRUCE

    Watching from Fort Worth, TX. Dave, I have a golfing buddy named Malcom Munkittrick, any relation?

  4. John Robertson

    I have a 12″ table saw with a 5/8ths arbor. Can I use 10″ blades on it? Are there any safety concerns?

  5. Stephen

    A question from Parker Megow​ on YouTube- When I use a power hand planer it seems to take off wood no matter what. Is this normal? I am very new to Wood working.

    Parker Megow​I get that but when I watch people hand plane it seems to only take off the high spots. Haha watching videos only teaches me so much! It’s nice to be able to ask questions. Thank you!

  6. Linda

    Hoping you can back to my question. What is the best way to eliminate snipe on a desktop planer?

    • GLEN

      I raise the back end of the board a little on the infeed side and the leading edge of the board as it comes out on the outfeed side. This seems to eliminate snipe for me. I have a DeWalt planer.

  7. Bob

    For the hearing aid question I’m using 3M WorkTunes earmuffs with behind the ear aids and it’s working without feedback which is usually the big issue. I also use them when mowing, etc.

  8. John

    Where do you get your plastic laminate? I can’t find any locally.
    Mickey mouse ears hearing protection works really great over hearing aids. When they’re bluetooth enabled, they are as good as the ones George uses

  9. Robert L

    What kind of finish would I use for heat resistance. I’m making trivets that will hold hot pans.

  10. engine

    In some bar and restaurant establishments there is a coating on the bar surface that appears to be thick and clear. Almost if it has been poured on instead of being brushed or sprayed. What is the product?

  11. Sam Robbins

    I have cut several 3D scenes on the CNC.
    How can I finish these scenes where they are not all plain but so that the 3d will stand out, accenting the scene?

  12. robert

    have a beautiful inlay end table – over the past few winters the dry air in the house has caused the inlay edges to cup. any suggestions?

  13. Monte

    I am finally getting a shop separate from the garage. The cabinets I am placing in the shop will be made of hickory. What finish would you suggest for the cabinets, upper and lower?

  14. engine

    Don’t feel bad about hand tools, I cannot cut straight without a guide or drive a nail straight with out a nail gun

  15. Thurman

    how do you figure how many finger joints to make on a given width of board and end up with even spaced fingers

  16. WAYNE

    Do you have any recommendations for hearing protection for those of us who already wear hearing aids – in particular behind-the-ear aids?

  17. Rick Dunn

    Whats are the various techniques to properly attach a laminated top to a wood working bench project?

  18. Christopher

    George, what is the brand of hearing protection you use in most of your videos? The orange ear protection looks convenient and comfortable. ~ Chris

  19. John E. Vestal

    I was taught not to lay a plane on it’s face for fear of chipping the blade. I’ve watched many videos and have seen almost everyone put the plane face down. Some would quickly move the plane to it’s side or in the next frame it would be on its’s side. One professional woodworker said, and I paraphrase, don’t sit the plane on it’s side as it may change your blade allignment. I personally think that laying the plane on it’s side as correct. It’s a lot easier to reallign than resharpen. What is correct?

    • JOHN

      John, I was taught the same. Several knowledgeable Woodworkers I’ve asked have said it doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you don’t dull your blade (face down) or cut yourself (side down). They all differ.

  20. John

    From Spirit Lake, ID. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    I got my Christmas present to myself today – a Rikon 10″ bandsaw. It was on sale, $60 off, and free shipping. I couldn’t pass it up.

  21. Marcus from Barbados

    I tried cutting mitres on a bandsaw (new blade) to make a box. The wood is five inches wide and I am using a mitre gauge for precision, but the cut seems to drift into the wood leaving a slight concave near the middle. The result is a gap when I join the boards together. My blade tension is good. What could the issue be? is it the guides?

  22. Bob

    Where I see the other young lady that the read the questions? She was great. I loved the humor between you.

  23. RICK

    First of all I want to encourage everyone out there to be extra cautious during this busy time of the year. I learned the difference between a safe distance when everything goes good and a safe distance when things go bad. Had a piece of wood split on the router table today and pulled my finger into the bit. I was very lucky lost a little bit of finger nail and skin a lesson learned.

  24. Russ

    Watched your video on CNC machines, would like to know more about the software used. I’m not great with computers and would consider myself a novice. Generally what is the learning curve.

  25. jon

    i want to make a shadow box is there any joinery you wouldn’t use to connect the sides, also have you ever see some put a shelf inside the box.