Ridgid Table Saw Review

Ridgid Table Saw ReviewHybrid table saw innovation is less than a decade old. It marries the benefits of stationary cabinet saws like a cast iron top, full-depth T-Slots, great dust collection, and a high quality adjustable fence with the merits of the contractor saw including low amperage draw, reasonable price and portability. The hybrid has become a favorite of weekend warrior woodworkers and pros alike, as a result, we decided that we needed to provide a Ridgid table saw review to help our readers and members understand the power of this tool in your shop.

As the proud owner of the Ridgid #R4512, I can see why. At less than $500, it performs every task you might expect from a saw at this price. The Ridgid table saw took two hours to assemble and another couple hours to level and fine-tune. It has 30″ capacity for ripping, and comes standard with an admirable miter gauge, all the wrenches, and a so-so 10″ combo blade (replace this right away!) At 267 lbs. with a smooth running 13 amp motor, this saw passes the ‘nickel test’ with flying colors. Aftermarket throat plates for dadoes are available, however, zero-clearance throat plates are not. This is disappointing considering the throat plate that comes with the saw has a 1/2″ wide slot that will not support delicate work.

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Ridgid Table Saw ReviewRidgid has paid close attention to two details specific to this table saw: First is a foot activated mobile base (usually a $75 add-on). I love this when sweeping up my shop, which is relatively large. I can only imagine what a feature this will be to those with smaller, basement shops. Second is the demountable European style riving knife which protects from pinching and potential kickback.

Frankly, I am amazed at the whole package that Ridgid delivers in this table saw. It offers sturdy heft, a decent fence, and plenty of power to rip 6/4 hardwood. This saw may be ‘professional’, but it is not designed for industrial, all day hogging. For $499.99, it is an excellent table saw for a one-person shop in need of safe and accurate cuts. We hope you’ve enjoyed this Ridgid table saw review.

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Ridgid 10 in. 13 Amp Professional Table Saw, Model #R4512. $499.99

Available at Home Depot

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7 Responses to “Ridgid Table Saw Review”

  1. Ron Rawhoof

    Too bad your review did not bring up the trunnion alignment issue that has plagued many R4512 owners.

    • Todd

      @Kyle I have been cutting a number of 2 to 2.5 inch pieces of walnut and white oak along with some 2 inch old Pallet Runners ( very hard stuff ) with mine with out any major impact. I use cheap Avanti Blades and I just don’t power through and board, I push at a moderate pace and let the blade do the work no slow down and no burning.

      @Ron – I will say that the trunnion issue is still out there, but it is easy to check for before leaving the store. Most HD managers will allow you to open the package at the store and inspect it. Since the unit is packaged with the motor and trunnions exposed just look for the II ( roman numeral 2 ) on the Trunnion. I was told by the Ridgid rep at the store I go to in Hollywood CA that the corrected units are marked in this manner. It is also very easily seen with the naked eye when you move the blade assemble up and down as it blade and or riving knife will move as much as 1/8 inch to the left when raised and the same to the right when lowered. But if you bring a square just set it flush with the riving knife and move it up and down.
      When I bought mine the manager actually pulled down 3 units for me to inspect and pick the best one before I even paid for the unit. I brought along a straight edge, square, digital angle gauge, and even my test indicator and stand and spent about 1 hour inspecting 2 units to pick mine. The Manager even gave me 20% off the retail price and the Ridgid rep even documented my inspection and was going to report it to Ridgid as one of the cast Iron tables was badly ground and I showed him every step I tested for.

      So it pays to ask to inspect the item and talk with a manager so you get the quality product you pay for.

      So far so good with mine.

      • Richard Christensen

        Hi Todd,

        Could you describe some of the check you did do? It would be a good exercise when I go to purchase mine.

    • Paul Mayer

      No problem with 8/4 hardwoods. You’ll need a slower feed rate than you would with a 3 HP cabinet saw, but it will get the job done with no problem.

    • Arthur

      I run appropriate Freud industrial grade blades. Rip cross cut and glueline. Sharp blades always and proper feed for the species. This saw has the power. Keep it on a 20 amp ckt.