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Reviewing the General International Hybrid Saw 50-200R M1Here’s the deal. Contractor saws offer mobility and are typically plug and play, meaning you can plug them into a 110-volt outlet and you’re good to go. Cabinet saws generally have better dust collection, are heavier and harder to move than contractor saws, and usually require a 220-volt circuit. A while back the tool engineers threw both types of saws into a mixing bowl, and out came hybrid saws, offering some of the best characteristics of both contractor and cabinet saws.The new 50 200R M1 hybrid table saw from General International is a fine example of a hybrid saw, offering a lot of machine for just under $1,000. Looks like a pretty good value. Like a cabinet saw, the trunnions on this machine are cabinet-mounted. I find it much easier to set the blade and fence to parallel on saws with cabinet-mounted trunnions than on saws with table-mounted trunnions, like most contractor saws have.From a safety perspective I really like the large paddle switch on the saw.

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The saw is driven by a 2-hp motor that comes wired for 220-volts, but can be switched to run on 110-volts. If you decide to go to 110-volts you’re going to need a big circuit to drive it. The large motor pulls 19.5 amps at 110-volts.

With its extensions the table is 44″ x 27″, with a 30″ rip capacity to the right of the blade. The blade is a left tilt.

This machine merits a look if you’re saw shopping.

General International Hybrid Saw 50-200R M1
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6 Responses to “New Table Saw from General”

  1. Jeff Deutsch

    I always thought that a hybrid had the trunion attached to the table, like a contractor saw but had enclosed cabinet for dust control. Why is this a hybrid, with cabinet mounted trunions?
    The highest legal 120 volt circuit found in any home is 20 amps. Are they kidding, claiming a 19.5 amp saw can run on 20 amp circuit? A little bogging down or a light bulb on that circuit and the breaker will pop. Nobody plays it that close.

  2. Mike

    My General 50 200R M1 International saw cranks up but sticks when I try to crank it down.
    Could a screw be loose somewhere or does it just need lubricant?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for the question, here is the experts response:

      I’d start with a good thorough cleaning of the moving parts underneath the saw, followed by applying a dry lubricant. If the problem persists after that, I’m not sure what might be causing it.

      Woodworkers Guild of America