Finish Both Sides of a Door in One Setting

Here’s a great way to finish doors large or small. This neat little trick allows me to finish both sides of a door in one setting. It also holds the door horizontally so there are no worries about runs and drips in the finish.

Door Finish Tip The set up is easy. Just screw a hanger bolt in the bottom edge of the door. The hanger bolt acts as a pivot point. Then, fasten two eyehooks to the top edge. The eyehooks hold the door flat and horizontal between two sawhorses. A length of 2 x 4 on each horse elevates the door a bit and makes it easier to grab the eyehooks to rotate the door.

Door Finish Tip Apply the finish to one side then rotate the door and finish the other side. For cabinet doors, use smaller diameter hanger bolts and eyehooks. The bolt-holes can be plugged or filled after the finish has dried.

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