Delta 18″ Drill Press

Reviewing the Delta 18-Inch Drill PressFor many years drill presses have been made for metal working, more so than wood working. Delta’s new 18″ drill press is designed with the wood shop in mind. The table is big (14″ x 20″), which you’re gonna appreciate the next time you need to get a large project on the delta drill press. The quill stroke is a full 6″, which surpasses most other drill presses in the market place. One thing I learned handling this machine at IWF, speed changes are easy. Yes, you’re moving the belt from pulley to pulley, but an idler pulley makes getting tension on the belt MUCH easier. Laser cross hairs show you exactly where you’re boring. If you haven’t used a laser-equipped drill press yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Delta 18-900L Drill Press


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3 Responses to “Delta 18″ Drill Press”

    • Douglas W. Carlson

      Pretty easily, Tom. You get two people with reasonable physical strength. The head fits easily onto the column, so you only have to lift it up momentarily. It weighs about 150 lbs, which is heavy, but not so heavy that 2 able bodied adults cannot lift it.