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This is an image of a blade guard

Why I Bought a SawStop

I recently bought a SawStop tablesaw. (Is that the sound of applause I’m hearing?) On the one hand, it was an easy decision. Who wouldn’t want the blade brake safety feature only SawStop offers. On the other hand, it wasn’t a snap decision. In fact, years went by between the time I first used a… Read more

bright ideas

A Bright Idea for Photographing Your Work

In an effort to better document my work (and possibly move into sales), I’ve begun to focus on my photography skills. One major need is light, preferably diffuse and bright-white. After checking my options online, I decided that cheap clamp lights sold in big-box stores were a better idea. Only thing is, they cast harsh… Read more

jointer feature

Master the Jointer

Many woodworking projects require the ability to render a perfectly square edge on a board. There are many ways to perform this task, but nothing matches the performance, precision and repeatability delivered by the motorized jointer. Getting the jointer to deliver on its potential is not particularly difficult but, like most things, it requires proper… Read more

This is an image of wood strips

Turn an Oil Wand Kaleidoscope

As I’ve stated in earlier articles, my shop (like many others) generates a lot of small pieces of wood, each one precious. My wife just shakes her head and often accuses me of buying scraps! I’ve turned those piles of scrap into lots of fun projects like cribbage boards, serving trays and napkin holders. This… Read more

Domino XP500 Product Review

Domino XP500 Review

In the 21st Century it is rare that a tool can revolutionize a wood joinery technique, yet the Festool Domino does just that. It borrows the portability and engineered fasteners from the biscuit jointer, and the robust joints created by a slot mortiser to result in a super-efficient joint making machine. The first time I… Read more

This is an image of a blue stain pine wood

Logs to Flooring: Kiln Drying

You saw my pine logs get milled into planks, leaving me with a big pile of wet wood (about 30% moisture content). Can’t make that into flooring. It needs to be kiln dried, and that’s the next step. Stickering. The material is stickered to create air spaces between the rows of planks. If this isn’t… Read more


Shop Made Deep Reach Clamp

This is a shop made deep reach clamp. It’s just 3 pieces of wood bolted together for strength. At the jaw end is a 1/2″ bolt, with a nut and washer. A handle is welded to the bolt head. To tighten, just hold the handle, and tighten the nut with a wrench. If you don’t… Read more


Should I Buy my Lumber Green?

Like many woodworkers, I go through a lot of hardwood. Lots, and lots and lots of it. And at the $4-$8 per board foot price that I normally pay at my local premium hardwood retailer, this takes its toll on my family’s budget. I have tried buying lower grade lumber and dealing with the knots… Read more


Three Reasons to Use Quarter Sawn Wood

Quarter-sawn wood costs about twice as much as plain-sawn So, why use it In order to understand the benefits (and extra cost) let’s look at how the material is milled from a tree. Imagine this is a log ready to go through a sawmill. I’ve sketched out plain-sawn cuts on the bottom half, and quarter-sawn cuts on the… Read more


Making Your Own Turning Blanks

“I had a nice cherry tree go down in my back woods that I would like to use for turning blanks. It is about a foot to 10″ across. What is the best way to dry something like this? WWGOA Editor Response: If you want to turn the pieces as logs, which would make natural… Read more


Seven Corners 2010 Woodworking & Tool Show

Meet George Vondriska, master woodworker, owner of Wild Earth Woodworking School, and WoodWorkers Guild of America managing editor at the Seven Corners Hardware 2010 Woodworking & Tool Show. George will be holding a number of demonstrations during the September 22 – 25th event. Check out George’s schedule below or visit “Seven Corners Hardware”for a complete… Read more


Build A Vet A Guitar

Guitars For Vets I started playing guitar in 2006 with a simple goal. I wanted to be able to play Puff The Magic Dragon for my kids. Four years later I’m past that goal and have found the guitar to be a big part of my life. Don’t know what it is, but I feel… Read more

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