• Small strips in a drawer

    Setting Inset Drawer Fronts

    When it comes to drawer styles on cabinets and furniture, everyone seems to love the look of inset drawer fronts. It’s a custom look that suggests that the piece was hand crafted rather than mass produced. While they can look beautiful if they are done properly, they can also look lousy if they are not…

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  • Man in a wood working workshop

    How to Dispense Pinpoint Epoxy

    There is a large and growing popularity around working with slab wood and making big, bold table tops with this material. That means dealing with imperfections that you will invariably find in the slabs. Epoxy is a great material for filling voids because it provides an attractive surface that can be sanded flush with the…

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  • Wooden sign with text

    Filling Knots with Epoxy

    Some of the most amazing pieces of wood are the ones that have “defects.” Defects could be spalting (mold), small checks, bark inclusions or, in this case, a huge hole. Sure, we could cut around those things and eliminate them, but I’m a huge fan of including this character in the final piece. I think…

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  • Wood square and accessories

    How to Make a Circle with a Framing Square

    There are a handful of ways to make large circles; a string and a pencil, a tape measure with a pencil taped to it, a beam compass, trammel points…Did you know you can make a circle using a framing square? Not a common technique, but it works, and works well. If you’ve got a framing…

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