• Wax paper and a photo on wood

    Easily Transfer Pics to Wood

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could run a nice chunk of wood through your ink jet printer to lay down a color image onto your project? Of course it would, but most of us have enough problems with our home technology as it is without trying a stunt like that. Fortunately, there is a…

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  • Wood working

    Making an Arc, Simplified

    Woodworkers typically become proficient with building square projects, but can be intimidated at the prospect of drawing an arc that will appear in their project. Drawing an arc can be done a few different ways, and some can be complicated and others are error prone. After drawing an arc perfectly, cutting an arc is generally…

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  • Oval turning

    Oval Turning

    Have you ever wanted to try oval turning on your lathe? Through the use of multi-axis turning you can do this. Multi-axis turning involves moving the live center to multiple points on your spindle to create a shape that is something other than round, such as an oval. Why might someone want to learn oval…

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  • High top table

    High Top Table Leg Idea

    The next time you’re making a table or, more specifically, a high top table, we’ve got a great leg hack that’ll make your woodworking life easier. Especially if you want the legs to be turned. Check out newel posts at the local lumber yard or home center. Yep, stairway parts make good furniture. I recently…

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