• Leveling an end grain cutting board

    CNC: Leveling an End Grain Cutting Board

    People love end grain cutting boards. They’re exceptionally beautiful, and because they’re end grain not long grain, they’re very durable and last a long time. However, the same features that make an end grain cutting board durable also make them difficult to level after the final glue-up. A planer might seem like a good solution…

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  • Onion skin cutting

    Onion Skin Cutting on a CNC Machine

    A CNC machine allows you to create projects with exceptional details, providing a means of producing great results with outstanding consistency. For example, you can engrave letters with a CNC that look like they were created by a master wood carver. Or, you will have no problem carving artwork with a CNC, even if you…

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  • Wood working items

    How to Make Shop-Made CNC Hold Down Clamps

    CNC technology has made its way into a large number of woodworking operations, even increasingly finding its way into hobbyist shops. When using a CNC machine, one of the fundamental requirements is to ensure that the workpiece is solidly and safely secured to the bed of the CNC. If there is any ability for the…

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