• Different bottles of glue

    George and Jimmy’s Glue Tips

    Jimmy DiResta was in George’s shop recently, so the two of them got together to talk about glue tips. Like choosing the right tool, it’s important to choose the right glue, as well as the right techniques for applying the glue. Filling voids CA (cyanoacrylate) glue is great for filling voids. Mix it with sawdust…

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  • Titebond glue jugs

    Saving Money on Glue

    Woodworkers are a notoriously thrifty bunch, and we commonly look for ways to save money on our equipment, supplies, shop space, materials and anything else that contributes to the cost of our woodworking hobby or business. One thing that we use in nearly every project is glue. While glue isn’t a big sticker item, when…

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  • Different bottles of Titebond

    2021 Product Showcase: Titebond Glue

    Titebond makes a HUGE array of glue. This comprehensive coverage of the glues available from Titebond will help you make the right choice. Strength of glue Before jumping into the different types of glue it’s important to understand that all of these glues will more than satisfy the strength requirements you have for your projects.…

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  • Titebond bottles

    2020 Product Showcase: Titebond Speed Set

    Just when you think, “What could possibly be new in the glue world?” Titebond introduces Speed Set to the woodworking market. It has a significantly faster clamp time. Meaning, you can safely remove the clamps from your work much sooner than with other glues. Clamp time Recommended clamp time for most glues is 30-60 minutes.…

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  • How to Install Crown Molding on Cabinets

    How to Install Crown Molding on Cabinets

    As you learn how to build cabinets, you’ll look for ways to dress up the basic wooden box. One surefire upgrade is installing crown molding. This video teaches you how to install crown molding on cabinets with clever tricks and tips it would take you years to learn on your own. Watch this video and…

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  • Wood piecing and bottles of adhesives

    Franklin-Titebond Shop-Made Wooden Try Square: Part 1

    It’s always cool to make projects that improve your shop. And it’s really cool, and fun, to make your own tools for your shop. In this video we teach you to make a wooden try square. Not only is it functional when it’s complete, it also looks great. The project calls for small pieces of…

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  • Clamped wood pieces and adhesive bottles

    Franklin-Titebond Shop-Made Wooden Try Square: Part 2

    In the second, and final, part of this project series you’ll learn how to assemble the blade and handle so they’re perfectly square. This requires a shop-made assembly block, and glue with a longer open time, to make sure everything is perfect and the square is reliable. Once the blade and handle are assembled, we’ll…

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  • Build a Tiled Table- Part 3 Sand, Finish & Install the Tile

    Build a Tiled Table Part 3: Sand, Finish, and Install the Tile

    In the final installation of our three-part series on building a tiled sofa table, George vondriska teaches you how to sand and finish the wooden carcass of the table and then install the tile into the frame that you created in the second step. He demonstrates the proper technique for using a handheld sander to…

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  • Build a Tiled Table- Part 2 Frame the Tile

    Build a Tiled Table Part 2: Frame the Tile

    In the second installation of our three-part series on building a tiled sofa table, George Vondriska teaches you how to create a wooden frame for the tile tabletop. He walks you step by step through the building process, demonstrating the proper technique for mitering each component of the frame with a miter saw, cutting a…

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