• Two wood pieces connecting

    Hiding Pocket Holes with Pocket Hole Plugs

    Screw pockets are a great way to put projects together, but are unsightly. If the pocket holes on your project are going to show when it’s done, there’s a great (and easy) way to hide them. All it takes is glue, dowels and some hand tools. You can even turn pocket holes into a decorative…

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  • What's the Deal with Screw Pocket Joinery

    What’s the Deal with Screw Pocket Joinery?

    Screw pockets can be used to create a solid structure on a number of woodworking projects. When fastening screw pocket joinery, you’ll want to pay attention to a few key details, including the type and length of your screws and the method of clamping that you use.

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  • Using Screw Pockets and Screw Pocket Jigs

    Using Screw Pockets and Screw Pocket Jigs

    Screw pockets or pocket holes are perfect for piecing together the rails and stiles of a face frame. By using a step drill and a specialized screw pocket jig, you can easily create screw pockets on your next woodworking project. Related video: Choosing the Correct Screw Pocket Screw

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