• Router table starter pin

    How to Use a Router Table Starter Pin

    Have you ever bought a router table insert or router lift and wondered what the threaded pin is for that comes with the unit? It’s called a router table starter pin, and it can be a great asset for you when routing small pieces on your router table. So, whatever you do, don’t toss it…

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  • Keyhole router bit

    How to Use a Keyhole Router Bit

    If you are making a plaque or a picture frame and want to integrate a slot into the project so that the user can easily hang the piece on a wall without having to use hanging hardware, there is a special router bit called a keyhole bit that can be used for this purpose. The…

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  • Cutting CNC tabs with router table

    Cutting CNC Tabs with a Router Table

    CNC routers are all the rage these days, being used for everything from ad hoc intricate projects, to production cabinet runs. An overview of a CNC machine would convince you that this technology brings a ton of capabilities to a shop, and will help you understand the growing popularity around the technology. Even though CNC…

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