• Guitar Repair Using An Inspection Camera

    Guitar Repair Using an Inspection Camera

    There aren’t many things that are more embarrassing than playing a dysfunctional guitar in front of a thousand, or even five, screaming fans, especially when you can’t find the source of the problem. But, thanks to the PS90 Inspection Camera from Bosch, you’ll get a closer look at the inside of your ax to see…

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  • Woodworking Tool Maintenance Using an Inspection Camera

    Tool Maintenance Using an Inspection Camera

    Tool maintenance and diagnostics are both important aspects of keeping your woodworking tools working and your shop safe. George Vondriska shows you how to use the Bosch PS90 Inspection Camera to accurately inspect your tools. Use an inspection camera to see into tight spaces and help diagnose problems with your tools. PS90 Inspection Camera provided…

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