• Strips of wood

    Red vs White Oak: How to Identify the Difference

    Red oak and white oak are in the same family, but have very different characteristics. Unfortunately simply looking at the boards may not give you enough information to tell the difference between the two. And no, looking at the color of the boards won’t do it. Red oak isn’t really red, and white oak isn’t…

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  • Gluing big wooden slab

    Wood Glue Up: Gluing Big Slabs

    At some point in the adventures of most woodworkers you’ll encounter the need for a board that is wider than the stock that you have available, which means it’s time to perform a wood glue up. Don’t be intimidated, as it’s probably easier than you think to produce a strong, beautiful wood glue up that…

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  • Shop-Made Abrasive Plane

    Shop-Made Abrasive Plane

    If you have a woodworking piece that you want sanded to a completely uniform level, try crafting your own shop-made abrasive plane. With a belt sander, it’s difficult to control and you can end up with highs and lows in your wood, but an abrasive plane takes away this frustration and makes your job simple.…

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  • BBQ Cart

    Barbecue (BBQ) Cart

    It’s hard to beat cooking outside. It’s already fun, so make it easy and convenient by building this great BBQ Cart. It’s made from naturally weather resistant cedar, looks great, and will last a lifetime. The handle is a nice touch, made from copper pipe that really accents the cedar. You’ll learn how to cut tapers on the legs, make wooden wheels on the band saw, and get the slats spaced so every space is exactly the same. This simple to make project will look great next to your grill, and also makes a great gift.

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  • Water Stone Holder

    Water Stone Holder

    George Vondriska introduces an elegant and simple solution for holding a water stone firmly to your work surface. With the water stone locked in place, you can focus all your energy on getting a great edge.

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  • Using the Correct Clamps for Edge-to-Edge Glue Ups

    Using the Correct Clamps for Edge-to-Edge Glue-Ups

    Choose the right clamp for the job. Edge-to-edge glue-ups are best done with a certain style of clamps. George Vondriska covers some of your options, including parallel jaw clamps, pipe clamps, and bar clamps.

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  • Should I Buy My Lumber Green?

    Should I Buy My Lumber Green?

    Paul Mayer discusses the benefits of air-dried lumber and how to save money on normally expensive hardwoods. He also gives you info on where to go for more information on how to dry lumber for your next project.

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  • Shooting Board

    Shooting Board

    Want to smooth an end grain cut, clean up a 45º miter, or remove a skosh from a plywood panel? George Vondriska shows you how to make a bench-top shooting board and select the right hand plane to solve these and other problems you might encounter on your woodworking projects.

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  • Removing Rust with Electrolysis

    Removing Rust with Electrolysis

    Whether you’re restoring old tools or have a few that have seen better days, knowing how to deal with rust is essential. In this video, George Vondriska shows you an interesting and effective technique for removing surface rust from your woodworking tools. Click here to view the article mentioned in this video: Removing Rust with…

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