• Lathe Techniques - Shearing Beads

    Lathe Techniques: Shearing Beads

    Learning to shear on the lathe takes a good bit of time and a whole lot of practice, but you’ll love what you can do once you’ve mastered the lathe technique. George Vondriska teaches you that shearing is something you have to commit to, it can’t be done halfway. Bead shearing is an excellent woodworking…

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  • Bowl Turning Basics

    Bowl Turning Basics

    Screwing a faceplate directly to the back of the bowl blank creates some problems. It leaves holes in the back of your bowl, and it also limits how deeply you can cut into the face of the bowl without hitting screws. It’s better to use a dummy board and paper joint. The dummy board, simply…

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  • Inside-Out Turning

    Inside-Out Turning

    The geometry on square or rectangular woodworking projects is pretty easy to figure out. But when it comes to round projects, like round tables, it’s a little more difficult. This woodworking video shows you how to lay out the project on a piece of scrap plywood so you know everything you need to know before…

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  • Using a Ring Tool

    Using a Ring Tool

    George Vondriska introduces a better way to hollow end grain. You’ll end up with silky smooth cuts after using a ring tool followed by a scraper. George shows you how to use this cool specialty tool. It’s an inside-out approach on an egg cup.

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  • Using a Bowl Gouge

    Using a Bowl Gouge

    Cut, don’t scrape your way to better bowl turning. George shows you how to get cleaner, faster cuts with less sanding with a 3/8″ bowl gouge. You’ll learn critical body position and movement along with a neat trick for kick free starts on the bowl rim.

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  • Shellac as a Turning Finish

    Shellac as a Turning Finish

    Watch Dave Munkittrick demonstrate how to apply finish to a turned project right on the lathe. See what he adds to the shellac for a foolproof protective finish for nearly any woodturning project.

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  • Sanding a Cylinder

    Sanding a Cylinder

    Sometimes, when turning a cylinder for your woodworking projects, you want it to be perfectly flat, but how do you accomplish that? George Vondriska shows you a foolproof sanding technique that he uses for making a cylinder flat from end to end. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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  • Turning with a Chatter Tool

    Turning with a Chatter Tool

    Chatter is not a desirable outcome in most turning situations. George Vondriska demonstrates a very decorative use of chatter on your woodworking projects using a special chisel: a chatter tool. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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  • Turning Square to Round Spindle Transitions

    Turning Square to Round Spindle Transitions

    Master woodworker George Vondriska demonstrates a simple woodworking technique to eliminate tearout on your spindle turnings when transitioning from your square blank to the round part of your design. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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