• How to Hollow Wood After a Turning

    How to Hollow Wood After a Turning

    George Vondriska demonstrates how to hollow wood and the benefits of using hollowing specific tools when turning items with a small neck hole to finish the interior of the turn. Learn a new turning technique as George delicately hollows the interior of a small flower pot.

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  • Using Calipers on the Lathe

    Using Calipers on the Lathe

    Frequently, when your turning spindles on the lathe you need to define specific diameters. This is when using calipers on the lathe comes into play. George Vondriska teaches you the step-by-step process for combining the capabilities of a parting tool and calipers to define specific diameters when using the lathe.

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  • Clean Up a Taper Using a Skew

    Clean Up a Taper Using a Skew

    Once you have a taper turned on your lathe, you’ll need to clean it up. George Vondriska describes how to use a skew to smooth out your taper. He shows you two approaches, scraping and sheering and explains the advantages of each.

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  • Turning a Taper

    Turning a Taper

    George Vondriska demonstrates how to turn an attractive, smooth taper starting from a large diameter to a small. You’ll learn how to use a roughing gouge and the importance of always working from the large end of the taper to the small end to avoid chipping. With some practice and a steady hand, you’ll be…

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  • Burning Accent Lines on a Lathe

    Burning Accent Lines on a Lathe

    George Vondriska teaches you a neat trick for burning accent lines into a dabble while it spins on the woodworking lathe. He recommends using recycled guitar strings pulled tight across the spinning piece. This will create friction and in turn burn lines into the gardening tool or any other project you may build.

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  • Super Finishing for Turning

    Super Finishing for Turning

    George Vondriska demonstrates the best way to apply a simple finishing mixture to a bottle stopper that is durable and will give the piece a proper shine. While the bottle stopper is still on your lathe, you can dab on light layers of thin-viscosity CA wood glue and linseed oil. Titebond Instant Wood Glue provided…

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  • woodturning classes

    Woodturning Classes: Spindle Turning Basics

    Before running the lathe, be sure you’re safe. You should remove all jewelry and roll up your sleeves or wear short sleeves. You should also wear a full face shield to protect your eyes. Lathes have a speed limit. Make certain your lathe is set at the correct speed. The speed is specific to the…

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  • Turning a Bowl: Hollowing the Inside of a Bowl

    Turning a Bowl: Hollowing the Inside of a Bowl

    Whether you’re turning a bowl for the island in your kitchen or as a gift for the neighbors, you’re sure to impress if you use George Vondriska’s technique for hollowing out the inside of a bowl. He teaches you to use firm, fluid motions with the round-nose scraper, moving from outside to in or top…

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  • Shearing End Grain on the Lathe

    Shearing End Grain on the Lathe

    George Vondriska uses a Go Pro camera to give you an expert woodworker’s perspective at a quick and painless technique for shearing end grain on the lathe. The best types of wood for shearing are those that have a more closed grain, like cherry, pine, walnut and maple. George demonstrates the shearing process on a…

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