• Making Sleds with Micro Jig Applicances

    Making Shop-Made Sleds for Small Project Pieces

    George Vondriska shows you how to create and use two different sleds in your woodworking shop using Micro Jig appliances, one for cutting perfect miters on your table saw, and another that will help you to easily crosscut small woodworking pieces with your band saw. The Zero PlayGuide Bar System from Micro Jig fits directly…

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  • Band Saw, Router Table and Table Saw Safety

    Bandsaw, Router Table, and Table Saw Safety

    The GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System from Micro Jig is the perfect way to ensure your safety while you make a clean, effective cut on any woodworking machine. The GRR-Ripper has an easy-grip handle that allows you to comfortably and safely maneuver any wood, while the padding and hook features on the bottom of the system…

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  • Random Orbit Sander Buying Advice

    Random Orbit Sander Buying Advice

    George Vondriska recommends adding a Random Orbit Sander from Bosch to your shop to help rid of any unwanted scratch marks or swirls when sanding your latest woodworking project. Typical round or oval-shaped rotary heads spin in one pattern, so you either end up with uneven levels in the wood or a hand cramp from…

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  • Lin-X Lateral Door System

    Lin-X Lateral Door System

    George Vondriska demonstrates how to install a lateral door system. The LIN-X Lateral Door System from Sugatsune is the perfect solution for any woodworking project on which there isn’t room for standard out-swinging doors. The hinges on this system allow any door to open to the side so you don’t hit yourself in the head…

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  • Guitar Repair Using An Inspection Camera

    Guitar Repair Using an Inspection Camera

    There aren’t many things that are more embarrassing than playing a dysfunctional guitar in front of a thousand, or even five, screaming fans, especially when you can’t find the source of the problem. But, thanks to the PS90 Inspection Camera from Bosch, you’ll get a closer look at the inside of your ax to see…

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  • Plunge Cutting in a Countertop

    Plunge Cutting in a Countertop

    So you’ve finished your newest woodworking masterpiece, a brand new desk for your office, and you plan on using your computer, but you don’t want exposed cords making your work space look cluttered or untidy. Using an Oscillating Multi-tool from Bosch, George demonstrates plunge cutting holes in the countertop so these cords have easy access…

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  • How to Install a Lid Stay

    How to Install a Lid Stay

    If you’re using a flip up door on your project, make it safer by adding a lid stay. Eliminate the chance of being hit in the head or fingers getting smashed by a closing door. George Vondriska demonstrates how to install a Lid Stay from Sugatsune. Lid Stay provided by Sugatsune. For more information, visit…

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  • Tips for using a Finish Nailer

    Tips for Using a Finish Nailer

    A finish nailer is a perfect addition to your arsenal of power tools. However, like other power tools in your shop, you need to know how to effectively and safely use it. George Vondriska explains some of the key features and shows the convenience of using a finish nailer. 16 ga. Straight Finish Nailer Model…

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  • Woodworking Tool Maintenance Using an Inspection Camera

    Tool Maintenance Using an Inspection Camera

    Tool maintenance and diagnostics are both important aspects of keeping your woodworking tools working and your shop safe. George Vondriska shows you how to use the Bosch PS90 Inspection Camera to accurately inspect your tools. Use an inspection camera to see into tight spaces and help diagnose problems with your tools. PS90 Inspection Camera provided…

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