• Choosing the Right Scroll Saw Blades

    There are a variety of scroll saw blades available for scroll saws, and George Vondriska explains the difference between 5 of the most popular scroll saw blades including the #2, #5, #7, #9 and #12. He discusses the benefits of each blade and what types of projects each blade works best for. Scroll saw blades…

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  • Easy Iron-On Veneer Applications

    George Vondriska teaches you a quick and easy trick for iron-on veneer applications. This example involves applying veneer to MDF using a household iron and a recycled paper grocery bag. You can iron the veneer onto a substrate by painting both materials completely with yellow glue and then rubbing a hot iron over the veneer…

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  • Tips for Using a Random Orbit Sander

    A random orbit sander is a must have tool in your woodworking shop and a great way to sand most woodworking projects. George Vondriska explains the benefits and features of a random orbit sander and the correct way to use this helpful tool. Random Orbit Sander ROS65VC provided by Bosch. For more information, visit www.boschtools.com.…

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  • Glue Squeeze Out that Glows

    Before you start the finishing process you want to make sure your project is free of any dried glue spots. Using fluorescent wood glue and a black light, George Vondriska shows you a cool tip on how to locate even the hardest to find glue residue. Fluorescent Wood Glue provided by Titebond. For more information,…

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  • band saw projects

    ENJOY THIS FREE BAND SAW PROJECT VIDEO! Next time you have more delicate cuts to make, use your band saw. George Vondriska shows how to make more delicate cuts on a band saw by using small blades. He quickly makes a band saw box while showing us the advantages of using a 3/16″ blade. He…

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  • Choosing the Right Table Saw Blades

    A table saw is the heart of most woodworking shops and the heart of the table saw is the saw blade. There are many different types and saw blades on the market today and each is designed to serve a different purpose. George Vondriska explains the differences between three common table saw blades, from the…

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  • Create a Crackle Finish on Wood

    A crackle finish on wood is something that can happen naturally over time or something you can do to a woodworking project right away. George Vondriska takes you step by step through the process and shows you how to achieve this weathered look using hide glue and two contrasting paint colors. Liquid Hide Wood Glue…

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  • Why You Need an Airbrush in Your Wood Shop

    An airbrush is actually a tool most woodworkers should have in their shops. George Vondriska demonstrates three common uses and the advantage of having an airbrush in a wood shop. Learn more about why you need an airbrush in your shop. Tritium.TS Airbrush Combo Kit provided by Grex. For more information, visit www.grexusa.com. More Videos…

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  • Adhere Ceramic Tile to Wood

    By creating a kitchen trivet, George Vondriska demonstrates a simple woodworking tip for adhering ceramic tile to a piece of wood. He recommends applying a coat of HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System to the underside of the tile substrate. After the hot glue cools, it will keep the tile and wood together up to a temperature…

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