• Selecting Table Saw Blades

    George Vondriska introduces you to the various types of table saw blades in the line of DeWalt Precision Trim Saw Blades that you can utilize on a table saw for your woodworking projects. He talks about a crosscutting blade with 60-80 teeth in an alternate top bevel pattern that is optimal for end grain and…

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  • Selecting a Sliding Miter Saw Blade

    You can’t beat the cut quality of a sliding miter saw for your woodworking projects. Master woodworker George Vondriska discusses some of the key components of the DeWalt Precision Trim Saw Blade that make it optimal for cutting materials like aluminum and MDF, and teaches you what to look for when shopping for your own…

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  • Dust Collection & Random Orbit Sander Buying Advice

    You can make your woodworking career last longer and your finished pieces look sharper if you invest in good dust collection options for your random orbit sander. George Vondriska gives you some expert buying advice for finding and operating sanders and dust collectors that will help you to improve the quality of your work, maximize…

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  • Chip-Free Flush Trimming

    Demonstrating on cathedral raised-panel doors, George Vondriska teaches you how to get a flush trim with a curved piece of wood to a pattern template using an Ultimate Trim Bit on the router table. His expert woodworking technique and this specialized router bit will guarantee you a smooth, chip-free flush trimming cut on both the…

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  • Repairing a Finger Board on a Violin

    George Vondriska demonstrates a simple way to repair a broken violin finger board using Liquid Hide Glue from Titebond. After you clean off the original glue from both the fingerboard and the neck, you can use an even coat of the hide glue and a few clamps to bond the pieces back together. Liquid Hide…

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  • Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Machine Combo
  • How to Install Corner Blocks

    Your dining room chairs will most likely go through a good bit of wear and tear over their lifetime, so you should make sure that you’ve reinforced their structural components. George Vondriska demonstrates the simple process for how to install corner blocks on your wooden chairs using a HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System hot glue gun…

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  • Finishing Bowl Bottoms on a Lathe

    George Vondriska teaches you about the benefits of using a Modern Longworth Chuck System to finish the bottom of a bowl that you are turning on a woodworking lathe. The jaws help to better grip the bowl with a snug fit so that you can more easily craft the bottom of the bowl and get…

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  • Easy Face Grain Column Assembly

    George Vondriska walks you through an easy face grain column assembly. He assembles a 4 sided, face grain column using translucent wood glue, inner tube strips and a bunch of clamps. Inner tube strips are a great solution when clamping irregularly shaped items and the translucent glue insures you won’t have any distracting glue lines…

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