• Using a Biscuit Joiner: Leg to Rail Offset

    It’s very common to have a reveal between a leg and rail, which adds a nice detail to the piece of furniture. If you’re joining the pieces using a biscuit, don’t go through the rigamarole of changing the biscuit joiner’s fence to get the reveal. Use this simple trick instead.

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  • What's the Deal with Screw Pocket Joinery

    Screw pockets can be used to create a solid structure on a number of woodworking projects. When fastening screw pocket joinery, you’ll want to pay attention to a few key details, including the type and length of your screws and the method of clamping that you use.

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  • Choosing the Correct Screw Pocket Screw

    Screw pockets are a great way to assemble woodworking projects, but only if you use the right screw. Screw pocket screws have specific characteristics that make them right for the job. In addition to choosing the right screw, you’ve got to choose the right thread. Check out this video to make sure you’re using the…

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  • Cutting Perfect Dadoes and Grooves using a Router Edge Guide

    Watch this video and learn how a router edge guide solves a common woodworking problem. ¾” sheet goods typically aren’t really ¾” thick, so custom grooves and dadoes need to be made for well fitting joints. Luckily, the solution is simple: Use a hand-held router with a fixture called a router edge guide, calculate the…

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  • Half-Lap Joint: Dado Head

    The half-lap joint is an excellent option to have when building a frame or other project that requires piecing together rails. You can easily create a half lap with a dado head on your table saw. Try using half lap joinery on your next woodworking project! Related Videos: Half-Lap Joint: Tenon Jig Make a Jig…

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  • Half-Lap Joint: Tenon Jig

    Attractive, strong half lap joints are really quite easy to make. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a half lap joint on your table saw with a shop-made jig and just two cuts. The Setup To make a two-cut half lap joint on the table saw, you’ll use a shop-made tenoning jig to…

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  • Cut a 45-Degree Mortise with a Benchtop Mortiser

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use a benchtop mortiser and a 45-degree V-block to cut a mortise at a 45-degree angle. He stresses the importance of taking the first cut slowly, so as to avoid the blade glancing off of the surface and affecting the cut quality.

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  • Benchtop Mortiser: Correct Cutting Technique

    Master woodworker George Vondriska teaches you how to properly use your benchtop mortiser by demonstrating the correct sequence of cuts that you should make. He lays out the dimensions, lines up the mortiser, and shows how to use the hollow chisel to make initial cuts and then go back through to remove the bridges in…

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  • Porter Cable 4212 Dovetail Jig: Using Both Ends of the Jig

    George Vondriska demonstrates the proper woodworking technique for using both sides of a Porter Cable 4212 dovetail jig to cut dovetail joints on all four sides of your project. He suggests labeling each of the pieces so that you’ll be confident that the layout is correct when you go to make your cuts.

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