• Accurate Fitting Dovetail Joints using a Dovetail Jig

    How to Make Dovetail Joints and Fit Them Accurately

    Many projects call for dovetail joints because they’re strong and they’re attractive to look at. How to make dovetail joints with your jig may seem intimidating if you’ve never used one before. There are a couple of hints that can ease a lot of the frustration for inexperience dovetail joint builders. We have a variety…

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  • Lubricate Your Dovetail Jig

    Lubricate Your Dovetail Jig

    George Vondriska teaches you how to properly lubricate your dovetail jigs to get a smoother glide with your handheld router for woodworking projects. When applying a lubricant to an aluminum template and a power tool with sensitive parts and small cracks, he recommends that you use a woodworking-specific product like GlideCote (not a silicone-based spray)…

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  • How to Shrink Wood Biscuits

    How to Shrink Wood Biscuits

    George Vondriska teaches you how to utilize the compression pressure from a metal-working vise to shrink wood biscuits that are just a little bit too big for the biscuit joinery slots on your woodworking projects. Just pop it into the vise, squeeze it tight and let it rest for a few seconds, and you’ll be…

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  • Set Up and Cut Dadoes and Rabbets

    Set Up and Cut Dadoes and Rabbets

    Get step by step video instruction on how to set up and cut dadoes and rabbets. A rabbet is an L-shaped relief, cut at the end of the case side. A dado is a U-shaped cut that is typically used for a case bottom or fixed shelf. A groove is a slot that is cut…

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  • Cutting a Lock Miter Joint

    Cutting a Lock Miter Joint

    Many woodworkers struggle making a lock miter joint, but it’s definitely a joint that’s worth learning. It provides lots of mechanical strength and glue surface area, and leaves a joint with no end grain showing. This video article provides tips and tricks that will shorten the learning curve for you, allowing you to make lock…

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  • Cutting Accurate Miters using a Sacrificial Fence

    Cutting Accurate Miters Using a Sacrificial Fence

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use a piece of melamine as a sacrificial fence for cutting a miter on your miter saw. This will help you to figure out where to make your cut on the miter and will guarantee a more accurate cut.

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  • Cutting a Cross Halving Joint

    Cutting a Cross Halving Joint

    A cross halving joint creates a rigid and sturdy joint without using glue or fastners. George Vondriska gives you step by step instructions on how to cut a strong cross halving joint using dado head in your table saw.

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  • Tips for Cutting Dovetail Sockets

    Tips for Cutting Dovetail Sockets

    George Vondriska teaches you a few essential woodworking techniques for cutting accurate dovetail sockets with a pull saw, including the professional way to lay out your lines, start each cut and use the saw properly. If you follow George’s instruction, you’ll end up with clean, great-looking dovetail sockets.

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  • Making Mortises on the Drill Press

    Making Mortises on the Drill Press

    George Vondriska teaches you the technique for making mortises on a drill press. The procedure requires a forstner bit and a fence on the drill press and a bench chisel to take the high spots off the drilled mortise.

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