• Cutting Slots on a Router Table with a Spiral Upcut Bit

    George Vondriska shows you an easy way to cut slots using your router and router table. You can get accurate cuts using a spiral upcut bit which acts like a drill bit and allows you to easily plunge into the material. Making pencil marks on the router table fence lets you know exactly where to…

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  • Simple Router Table Push Block

    George Vondriska teaches you how to make a simple Router Table Push Block for accurately cutting across the end grain of narrow pieces of wood on a router table without blowback or chipping. He likes to refurbish old push pads by scraping off the worn out rubber pad and drilling the plastic handle to a…

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  • Cutting a Lock Miter Joint

    Many woodworkers struggle making a lock miter joint, but it’s definitely a joint that’s worth learning. It provides lots of mechanical strength and glue surface area, and leaves a joint with no end grain showing. This video article provides tips and tricks that will shorten the learning curve for you, allowing you to make lock…

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  • Raised Panel Router Bits: Vertical Raised Panel Bit

    George Vondriska shows you how to make raised panel doors using a vertical raised panel bit on your router table. He will go through the process of creating a raised panel and the positives and negatives of using a vertical panel raiser bit vs. a horizontal panel raiser.

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  • Routed Mortise & Tenon

    George Vondriska teaches you how to use your handheld plunge router or router table to cut perfect mortise and tenon joinery for your woodworking projects. He shows you the best way to expertly lay out the dimensions and make the proper cuts.

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  • Cutting Mortises on a Router Table

    George Vondriska demonstrates the expert way to use a router table for cutting mortises for your woodworking project. For this process, George recommends using a quarter-inch up-cut spiral router bit that is slightly taller than the mortise, because it will draw the sawdust out of the mortise as you make the cut and allow your…

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  • Router Table Videos: Cutting Tenons on a Router Table

    In this router table video you will learn about using a router table to cut tenons for your woodworking projects can be difficult, so George Vondriska is here to help ease the process. He shows you how to map out your dimensions, adjust the blade on your router table for length and width and make…

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  • DIY Drawers: Lock-Joint

    In this DIY drawers video, get an introduction to lock-joints. Drawers take a lot of abuse. If you want to provide quality work, it’s best to assemble drawer corners with a joint that can stand up over time. Drawer lock joints provide a mechanical grab, almost a tongue and groove, between the drawer side and…

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  • Vertical Panel Raiser

    Thinking of buying a vertical panel raiser for your router table? George Vondriska demonstrates how to safely use the bit and discusses some of the pros and cons of the vertical panel router bits and the classic horizontal panel bits.

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