• Using a drill press

    Using a Drill Press for Your Bandsaw Outfeed Table

    The problem with providing outfeed support for a bandsaw is that the table is so darn high. Most standard roller stands and supports won’t extend enough to get to the right height to match up with the bandsaw table. You may not know it, but you’ve probably already got a solution for this problem in…

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  • Miter gauge bandsaw fence

    Miter Gauge Bandsaw Fence

    Here’s a great solution if you’ve been struggling with a resaw fence for your bandsaw. The solution for this problem is probably already in your shop. In this woodworking video, we’ll show you how to make your own bandsaw fence. You’ll find that it’s easy to position and easy to adjust for drift compensation. It…

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  • Bandsaw

    Bandsaw Safety

    Gruesome, but true; butcher shops use bandsaws to cut steaks. That tells you that a bandsaw, used improperly, can do a lot of damage. We want to make sure you’re taking every safety precaution when you use a bandsaw for your woodworking projects. This video provides you with bandsaw rules of the road that will…

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  • Should You Resaw on a Table Saw or Band Saw?

    Should You Resaw on a Table Saw or Bandsaw?

    Do you need to resaw a board? If so, you could resaw on a table saw or a bandsaw. There are positives and negatives to both processes. This video will give you what you need to know the next time you’re ready to resaw, and help you decide which tool is right for the job.

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  • How to Make a Bandsaw Box

    How to Make a Bandsaw Box

    Learn how to make a bandsaw box. Band saw boxes make great gifts, and provide an excellent use for small, attractive chunks of wood. They’re pretty easy to make, provided you do the work in the right sequence. It’s all laid out here, step by step. Draw or trace a shape for the exterior of…

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  • band saw projects

    Benefits of Using Small Blades on Band Saw Projects

    ENJOY THIS FREE BAND SAW PROJECT VIDEO! Next time you have more delicate cuts to make, use your band saw. George Vondriska shows how to make more delicate cuts on a band saw by using small blades. He quickly makes a band saw box while showing us the advantages of using a 3/16″ blade. He…

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  • Bandsaw Tricks: Cutting a Decorative Spiral on a Band Saw

    Bandsaw Tricks: Cutting a Decorative Spiral on a Bandsaw

    George Vondriska teaches you a cool band saw trick that you can show off to your woodworking buddies. He shows you how to add a decorative spiral to a dowel rod using just your band saw, miter gauge and a hand clamp.

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  • Resawing on a Bandsaw

    Resawing on a Bandsaw

    Resawing on the bandsaw is a skill you’ll be glad you mastered. It allows you to slice thin pieces out of thick wood so you can make book matched panels and cut your own veneer. It is important to choose the right blade for resawing. You should use a wide blade so it won’t flex…

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  • Making Tapered Legs on the Band Saw

    Making Tapered Legs on the Bandsaw

    George Vondriska teaches you how to make tapered legs on the band saw. It can be frustrating to recreate the taper for each individual leg, so George gives you a few woodworking techniques that you can use to more easily taper legs, including patterns for a simple plywood template and a handy jig.

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