• Using Adjustable Tongue and Groove Router Bits on Plywood

    Using Adjustable Tongue and Groove Router Bits on Plywood

    George Vondriska teaches you how to utilize adjustable tongue and groove router bits to create perfect grooves for undersized plywood. He walks you through the easy step-by-step solution for removing the rattle from your doors and steamer trunks by adding or removing shims from the cutters.

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  • How to Make Cabinet Doors - Cope and Stile Doors

    How to Make Cabinet Doors: Cope and Stile Doors

    A common approach for how to make cabinet doors is to use a matched pair of bits on the router table. In this class you’ll learn the process step by step. From information about the bits you need to set up to safe cutting, it’s all here. You need to do all the work on…

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  • How to Make Frameless Glass Cabinet Doors

    How to Make Framless Glass Cabinet Doors

    Learn how to make glass cabinet doors using pivot or European-style hinges. You don’t have to shy away from cabinet projects with glass doors, even if you’re a beginner. Or perhaps you’ve always built wooden doors for your cabinet projects and you’d like to try something different. Here’s how you can expand your cabinet making…

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  • Cabinet Door Assembly

    Cabinet Door Assembly

    When creating a cabinet door, it is critical to keep the wood flat and square. George Vondriska provides practical tips on how to assemble door panels using a parallel jaw clamp. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. Steel Bar Clamps provided by Jorgensen. For more information, visit www.ponytools.com

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