• Making Edge Banding Flush

    How to Make Edge Banding Flush

    It’s not uncommon to use edge banding to put a clean edge on projects that use sheet stock. Unfortunately, the sheet stock and the hardwood edge banding are rarely the same size. Dave Munkittrick and George Vondriska show you how to make the edge banding flush with the sheet stock using a paint scraper and…

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  • Cutting Mortises on a Router Table

    Cutting Mortises on a Router Table

    George Vondriska demonstrates the expert way to use a router table for cutting mortises for your woodworking project. For this process, George recommends using a quarter-inch up-cut spiral router bit that is slightly taller than the mortise, because it will draw the sawdust out of the mortise as you make the cut and allow your…

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  • Router Table Videos: Cutting Tenons on a Router Table

    Cutting Tenons on a Router Table

    In this router table video you will learn that using a router table to cut tenons for your woodworking projects can be difficult, so George Vondriska is here to help ease the process. He shows you how to map out your dimensions, adjust the blade on your router table for length and width and make…

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  • Fitting Mortise and Tenon Joints

    Fitting Mortise and Tenon Joints

    George Vondriska demonstrates the best way to get a snug, flush fit on your mortise and tenon joints. You should use a sharp chisel to pare away slices from the top, bottom or sides of your tenon until it fits into the rounded mortise. This is essentially a guess-and-check procedure, meaning you will shave the…

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  • How to Install a Lid Stay

    How to Install a Lid Stay

    If you’re using a flip up door on your project, make it safer by adding a lid stay. Eliminate the chance of being hit in the head or fingers getting smashed by a closing door. George Vondriska demonstrates how to install a Lid Stay from Sugatsune. Lid Stay provided by Sugatsune. For more information, visit…

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  • Pattern Cutting on the Bandsaw

    Pattern Cutting on the Bandsaw

    Pattern cutting is a great way to make many identical parts on the bandsaw. All you need is a rigid pattern and shop-made follower. The follower is simple, consisting of an arm and a base. The arm cantilevers from the base toward the blade. The base should be long enough that it’s easy to clamp…

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  • Edge Banding Trim Jig

    Edge Banding Trim Jig

    The banding you glue on your sheet should be slightly thicker than the sheet you use. Making it 1/16 in. oversize works well. The trim jig I use fits on the base of a hand-held router equipped with a 3/4 in. straight bit. I made mine out of 1/2 in. x 6 in. x 12…

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  • Applying Veneer with a Vacuum Bag

    Applying Veneer with a Vacuum Bag

    Whether applying veneer or making a bent lamination, there’s no better way to achieve uniform pressure than by using a vacuum bag. It is easy to use and will work with even the most curved shape. Veneer can be easily cut with a straight edge and sharp utility knife. If the substrate is already the…

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  • How to Make a Round Stool

    How to Make a Round Stool

    George Vondriska teaches you how to make a great looking round stool that you can use in your home or give as a gift. He demonstrates all the necessary woodworking techniques you’ll need for building your own round stool, like how to lay out and cut the rails, legs and top of the stool, how to add decorative routing on the legs, and finally how to put all the parts together.

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