• DIY Dresser: Attaching Drawer Fronts

    Build a Dresser: Attaching Drawer Fronts

    George Vondriska teaches you a simple woodworking technique that you can use to stack drawer fronts on your dresser. Follow his easy instructions for attaching drawer fronts that are perfectly aligned and will look great.

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  • DIY Dresser: Laying out Curves on Case Bottoms

    Build a Dresser: Laying Out Curves on Case Bottoms

    George Vondriska teaches you how to format perfectly framed curves at the bottoms of your DIY dresser and cabinet. He gives you the woodworking dimensions you’ll need to lay out and make the cuts for a smooth, symmetrical curve.

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  • Making Edge Banding Flush

    Making Edge Banding Flush

    It’s not uncommon to use edge banding to put a clean edge on your projects which use sheet stock. Unfortunately, the sheet stock and the hardwood edge banding are rarely the same size. Dave Munkittrick and George Vondriska show you how to make the edge banding flush with the sheet stock using a paint scraper…

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  • Lin-X Lateral Door System

    Lin-X Lateral Door System

    George Vondriska demonstrates how to install a lateral door system. The LIN-X Lateral Door System from Sugatsune is the perfect solution for any woodworking project on which there isn’t room for standard out-swinging doors. The hinges on this system allow any door to open to the side so you don’t hit yourself in the head…

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  • Three Common Types of Sheet Stock

    Three Common Types of Sheet Stock

    George Vondriska discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of the common types of sheet stock you might use in your shop. He’ll teach you what to look for so that you know which material is best for your project, whether its plywood, MDF or melamine. You’ll learn how each type of stock is made,…

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  • Plunge Cutting in a Countertop

    Plunge Cutting in a Countertop

    So you’ve finished your newest woodworking masterpiece, a brand new desk for your office, and you plan on using your computer, but you don’t want exposed cords making your work space look cluttered or untidy. Using an Oscillating Multi-tool from Bosch, George demonstrates plunge cutting holes in the countertop so these cords have easy access…

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  • How To Install Cabinet Pulls

    How to Install Cabinet Pulls

    So you’ve installed all the cabinets in your kitchen and now it’s time to put the cabinet pulls on the doors. Spike Carlsen shows you how to create and use a jig which will make adding cabinet pulls on your cabinet doors fast and easy, with every pull precisely located.

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  • How to Make Frameless Glass Cabinet Doors

    How to Make Framless Glass Cabinet Doors

    Learn how to make glass cabinet doors using pivot or European-style hinges. You don’t have to shy away from cabinet projects with glass doors, even if you’re a beginner. Or perhaps you’ve always built wooden doors for your cabinet projects and you’d like to try something different. Here’s how you can expand your cabinet making…

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  • Edge Banding Trim Jig

    Edge Banding Trim Jig

    The banding you glue on your sheet should be slightly thicker than the sheet you use. Making it 1/16 in. oversize works well. The trim jig I use fits on the base of a hand-held router equipped with a 3/4 in. straight bit. I made mine out of 1/2 in. x 6 in. x 12…

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