• Gluing A Face Frame to a Case

    How to Attach a Cabinet Face Frame to a Cabinet

    One challenge woodworkers face as they learn how to build cabinets is gluing the cabinet face frame to the case. A cabinet face frame is the wood fixed to the front of a cabinet case–sometimes called a carcase, which hides the edges of the case and provides the fixing point for doors and other external…

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  • Cutting and Installing Glass Door Retainers

    Cutting and Installing Glass Door Retainers

    When building glass doors on your woodworking projects, you’ll need to create wooden retainers that will keep the glass secure. You can make these simple glass door retainers using a square block and a fine-toothed Japanese pull saw.

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  • Half-Lap Glass Panel Door

    Half-Lap Glass Panel Door

    Now that you’ve got the technique down for creating half lap joinery, try your hand at using half lap joints to create the frame for a glass panel door or mirror. You can make beautiful, flush corners with a dado head cutter on your table saw. Related Videos: Half-Lap Joint: Tenon Jig Half-Lap Joint: Dado…

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  • Using Clamps to Square a Cabinet

    How to Make Your Cabinet Square with Clamps

    As you learn how to build cabinets, one essential rule to remember is that all of the components have to align so that you make the cabinet square. If a cabinet assembly is out of square, doors and shelves won’t fit properly. After you’ve applied the glue and clamped the components, there’s no need to…

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  • Trim Edge Banding

    How to Trim Edge Banding Using a Hand Saw

    Often you want to add banding around the outside of a piece to give it a finished look. Think a desktop, like the one shown in this video, a tabletop, cabinets, or even some decorative drawers and doors. Especially when you use a different type of wood for the banding than you’ve used for the…

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  • Scaling Woodworking Projects From Photos

    Scaling Woodworking Projects from Photos

    Learn helpful tips for scaling woodworking projects from photos. Woodworking expert George Vondriska teaches a helpful shortcut to develop proper dimensions. Find out how to use images to scale your woodwork to any desired size. Work with George on each step of instructions he provides and start scaling your work from photos.

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  • Accurately Measuring Window and Door Panels

    Accurately Measuring Window and Door Panels

    George Vondriska teaches you a quick tip for accurately measuring window and door panels that are typically awkward to fit a ruler into. By using a little bit of simple math and taking readings from both sides, you can take the headache out of measuring.

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  • Using Adjustable Tongue and Groove Router Bits on Plywood

    Using Adjustable Tongue and Groove Router Bits on Plywood

    George Vondriska teaches you how to utilize adjustable tongue and groove router bits to create perfect grooves for undersized plywood. He walks you through the easy step-by-step solution for removing the rattle from your doors and steamer trunks by adding or removing shims from the cutters.

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  • Using Hand Tools to Cut a Dado - Part 3

    Using Hand Tools to Cut a Dado: Part 3

    In the third installment of our three-part series on cutting dadoes with hand tools, George Vondriska teaches you how to clear the waste out of a dado by using an uphill stroke with a bevel edge chisel and a mallet. He demonstrates the simple woodworking techniques you’ll need to properly shape the dado, stressing the…

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