• Ye Old Post Drill

    Ye Old Post Drill

    There have been a lot of questions about the old drill press in the back of my shop. It’s also called a post drill or blacksmith drill. The mechanism on this baby is very cool, and everything still works. If you can provide any info on how old the drill press might be, we’d love…

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  • The SuperMax Tools Story

    The SuperMax Tools Story

    Warren Weber visits the WWGOA workshop to talk with our resident expert woodworker George Vondriska about the story of SuperMax Tools. Warren introduces a couple of SuperMax’s line of cantilevered sanders that are perfect for completing some of the finishing jobs that can’t be done with a flat sander. With SuperMax sanders you can interchange…

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  • Working with Antler

    Working with Antler

    In this video on working with antler, George Vondriska says “antler” 33 times. He also teaches you how to properly mount a piece of antler in a four-jaw chuck on the lathe to chisel down and sand the antler into a smooth, shiny material that you can use for a variety of woodworking projects. Antler.

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  • Shop Tour

    George’s Shop Tour

    See what George has been up to for the last six months! It’s been a while since we checked in on the progress of our in-house expert woodworker’s new workshop, so George Vondriska takes you on an updated tour of his working space and shows you how he has chosen to lay out his power…

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  • How to Make a Saw Blade Clock

    How to Make a Saw Blade Clock

    Are the teeth on your saw blade so worn down that you can’t use the blade anymore? Don’t throw it out, recycle it! George Vondriska teaches you how to make a saw blade clock. He teaches you how to install a clock mechanism on your saw blade to quickly refurbish your woodworking tool as a…

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  • Introduction to George’s New Workshop

    Introduction to George’s New Workshop

    Long time WWGOA members might notice a change in our videos, as George Vondriska has relocated to a new woodworking shop! He’s thrilled to have moved all of his equipment and stockpiles of wood into a workshop with greater space, which will allow the WWGOA team more options for tips and projects to help you…

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  • Tips for Tapering Table Legs

    Tips for Tapering Table Legs

    George Vondriska drops off another important woodworking tip for tapering table legs: when tapering your chair or table legs, make sure to taper on the inside. This will give your piece an elegant and clean look.

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  • Woodworking Project Development

    Woodworking Project Development: Stool Samples

    George Vondriska discusses how WWGOA typically approaches building the woodworking projects that you know and love. He suggests that while you may want to get right into the full-sized build, you should consider working on a small-scale model of the project to test its dimensions and structure, then step up to the regular size once…

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  • Meet George Johnson: Master Carver

    Meet George Johnson: Master Carver

    George’s friend George Johnson stops by the shop to swap stories about the Boy Scouts, George’s dad and woodcarving.

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