• Two people playing with a wooden catapult

    Build a Catapult with Your Kids

    People are often looking for projects to do with their kiddos that’ll help get their kids excited about woodworking. This project may be just that thing that’ll help launch the kids in your life into the shop! This catapult is a very easy build, and is made from readily available dimensional lumber (and a few…

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  • People with a kid-built workbench

    Kid-Built Workbench

    We’re commonly asked about techniques and approaches for getting kids excited and involved in woodworking. To answer this, we brought Char Miller-King to George’s shop. Char works with kids A LOT, and developed this workbench project specifically for kids. Tool use Cora and Will, the kids working with Char, are both 13 years old. Char…

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  • Home made wooden beer flight

    DIY Beer Flight

    This is a fun and simple project, and a great way to serve craft beer the next time you have friends over. The parts are small, so this is a great place to use those precious pieces of wood you’ve been saving.

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  • Two men talking in a wood shop

    Meet Jimmy Diresta

    This is gonna be so cool and so fun. Jimmy Diresta is in George’s shop for some video work. Who is Jimmy Diresta?? You’re about to find out. Jimmy’s background Jimmy worked in his Dad’s shop as a kid, which was formative in what he does today. Like he says, the shops he uses today…

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  • Sawing a dowel

    How to Choose a Handsaw

    Char doesn’t exclusively use hand tools, but she likes having them around for certain applications. In many cases she can grab a handsaw and make the cuts she needs in a lot less them than it would take to set up, plug in and use a power tool. So, what handsaws does Char like and…

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  • Custom knives

    George’s Custom Knives

    There are lots of things life is too short for to tolerate. For me, crappy knives in my kitchen are one of those things. I want good knives that take and hold an edge well. As an extra bonus if I make the knife handle myself I’ll have knives with distinct, custom handles made from…

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  • Table saw blade

    Safely Setting your Table Saw Blade Height

    Setting your table saw blade height is an important step prior to making any cuts. Table saw blades have a tooth geometry that is engineered to deliver ongoing performance throughout the life of the blade. Some of the attributes that have been carefully engineered include blade diameter, thickness, tooth geometry, gullet spacing, material characteristics, etc.…

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  • Using route table as a joiner

    Kreg 520 Pro vs 720 Pro

    Kreg’s 520 Pro and 720 Pro are both great pocket hole jigs, but they offer different features. If you’ve been thinking…Hmm, the 520 Pro vs the 720 Pro, what gives? We’re here to help you out. This video explains the differences and commonalities between these two jigs. Overview Both jigs do a great job of…

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  • Using a router table as a joiner

    Use Your Router Table as a Jointer

    The starting point for most projects is creating a perfectly straight, smooth and square edge on your boards. This is especially true when you’re gluing boards edge to edge. Want a seamless glue joint? You need to start with a good edge. If you have a router table, you also have a jointer, the perfect…

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