• 2:06

    The Coolest Stuff at IWF 2022

    The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is the largest woodworking show in North America. It’s held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. In 2022 over 900 vendors were showing their wares. Who attends? The show gets MANY attendees from all over the world. Everyone from folks running huge woodworking businesses to hobbyists who want…

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  • 20:49

    George and Jimmy: Two Guys Talking Shop

    George Vondriska and Jimmy Diresta have been working with their hands forever. Today lots of people ask “How do I get my kids excited about working with their hands?” This video will help answer that question. First tools What were the first tools that these two guys had their hands on? A scroll saw for…

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  • 22:33

    Epoxy Camper Upgrade

    You’re probably here, at WWGOA, because you’re an avid woodworker. But if you enjoy woodworking there’s a good chance you’re hands-on in other areas, too. When he’s not in his shop George has been busy doing a full upgrade on a 1997 20’ bumper pull camper. There’s an entire video series on this project. The…

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  • 6:22

    Adjusting Euro Hinges

    As a woodworker, you are always striving for precision and consistency, and many tasks require this. Fitting cabinet doors can be one of those daunting, often humbling tasks that requires a great deal of accuracy. Fortunately for those of use who use European style hinges, aka Euro hinges, we get a well-appreciated measure of “wiggle…

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  • 12:51

    2022 Product Showcase/Shaper Origin and Hub

    Have you seen the Shaper Origin? It’s pretty amazing. It offers the power of a CNC router in a hand-held unit. It uses tape you place on the work surface to determine its location and active motion control to precisely make the cuts you need. We’ve got a great video that helps explain exactly how…

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  • 11:04

    2022 Product Showcase/MiterSet

    Cutting miters on a table saw can be really challenging. Getting the saw’s miter gauge accurately set can make even the most patient woodworker go a little nuts. MiterSet offers a really nice solution for this problem. There are two products available MiterSet offers two different products. The MiterSet Standard helps you set your miter…

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  • 8:37

    2022 Product Showcase/Kreg Foreman

    Pocket holes provide an amazingly fast and easy way to create woodworking joints. The Kreg Foreman lets you create pocket holes SO fast. If you use pocket holes you should have a look at this tool. The specs The Kreg Foreman works with material from ½” to 1-½” thick. The fence is easily adjustable to…

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  • 12:12

    2022 Product Showcase/Grizzly G0634X Jointer/Planer

    We had a close look at Grizzly’s G0634X Jointer/Planer at our 2022 Product Showcase. What a cool tool! Here are the specs on this machine. Cutter head The G0634X has a 12” cutterhead. It’s a V-helical cutterhead equipped with four-sided carbide cutters. This is a great feature. When the cutters are dull on one edge…

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  • 3:32

    Pipe Clamp Buying Advice

    How many clamps do you have in your shop? How many of them are pipe clamps? There are so many forms of pipe clamps in the marketplace, this video will help you understand what they’re all about, and how to choose the best one for your shop and your woodworking. Traditional style Bessey’s Traditional Style…

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