• 1:01:45

    WWGOA LIVE! January 2017

    We had one little technical glitch, but overall the WWGOA LIVE went great. Thanks to those who joined us. Here’s what we covered.

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  • 1:02:57

    WWGOA LIVE! December 2016

    Winter has taken hold in the north, making it a great time to be in the shop. But when isn’t it great to be in the shop? Enjoy our December LIVE, and have a great holiday season.

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  • 1:00:01

    WWGOA LIVE! November 2016

    Our November LIVE went great. Thanks to all who tuned in. George did a little show and tell with a flag case he’s been working on, and then we moved on to some great questions from you. Tapering on the table saw, first tool purchases, cleaning rasps… A lot of great questions.

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  • 1:00:24

    WWGOA LIVE! October 2016

    Our October LIVE went great. Rustic furniture, stabilizing wood, cleaning planer rollers, and lots more! Thanks for the great questions.

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  • 58:05

    WWGOA LIVE! September 2016

    We had an excellent live stream, with no technical issues and great expertise help from Jim Heavey of WOOD Magazine. Glue ups to turning to screw selection, we covered a lot of ground.

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  • 1:04:25

    WWGOA LIVE! August 2016

    It was great to have Jim Heavey on board for our LIVE event, but he ran into some tech issues on his end. We’ll get him back in the future. Thanks to all who tuned in. See you next month.

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  • 1:05:15

    WWGOA LIVE! July 2016

    Thanks for watching, and providing all your great questions. The live streams are a lot of fun. From table saw to planer to hand cut mortises, we covered a lot of ground.

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  • 1:04:36

    WWGOA LIVE! June 2016

    Thanks for the great questions for our June LIVE event. We answered a lot of questions, and ran a bunch of tools in this session, include a biscuit joiner, lathe, Domino, and even did some resawing on the table saw. Enjoy!

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  • 1:06:42

    WWGOA LIVE! May 2016

    This was a great live session, and we covered a lot of woodworking topics. We really appreciate the wonderful questions you ask, and we work hard to get to as many as possible. Thanks to Kayleen McCabe for spending time with us, and providing her insight. Hope to have her back!

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