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Shop-made Epoxy Mold

Jess Crow
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There are lots of ways to work with resin. It can be cast, used as a table top decoration or finish, poured as a skim coat to add a decorative element to your projects. Casting resin is easy and, thanks to what we’re about to show you, you can make your own resin molds in ANY shape you want.

Start with a Printer

Start your work at the computer by finding a shape you like for your resin mold and printing it on a piece of paper. OK, you could skip the printer step if you can draw well. Look for cool shapes by adding the work clip art to your search. For example: star clip art, state map clip art, or heart-shaped clip art. The bottom line is you’ll need your design printed or drawn on a piece of paper.

What you Need

Grab your artwork, a piece of heavy mil plastic (6-mil or more) and a tube of 100% silicone caulk. The plastic needs to be slightly larger than your artwork. It’s really important that you use 100% silicone caulk for your resin mold. Epoxy won’t stick to it.

Build a Dam

With the plastic overlaying your artwork, trace the design with your silicone. The caulk needs to be built up to a height that matches the thickness you want your final resin piece to be.

Pour and Go

Let the caulk dry overnight, and you’re ready to pour your resin. Once the resin cures you can flex the plastic and silicone away from it to release it from the mold. Sand the edges, if you want, to make them more uniform.
Thanks to Jess Crow of Crow Creek Designs for this great tip.

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      Hi Marie!
      Here is what our expert had to say:
      If I am working in a very well ventilated area, as I was during the shooting of these episodes, as well as my own shop (with fans and 2400 Sq ft of moving air) I do bounce back and forth with wearing a mask and not. TotalBoat epoxy has no VOC and low VOC compounds that I stick to using.

      My recommendation is for everyone to wear a mask and to always follow the manufacturers directs. Some epoxy resins are more toxic than others and 100% of the time masks should be worn.

      Best of luck on your epoxy journey!

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