Separating a Bowl Paper Glue Joint

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Duration: 3:58

Paper joints provide a great way to fasten sacrificial or dummy boards to the back of a bowl blank. There a number of benefits. The dummy board provides a place you can drive screws from the faceplate, without having to put the screws directly in the bowl. That means no screw holes in the bottom of your bowl, and you don’t have to worry about hitting screws as you hollow the bowl.

The technique

There are tricks and tips for separating paper glue joints. It’s a race that goes to the slow and steady, not the swift. You’ve got to be patient, and slowly work your way around the bowl. A wide bench chisel is the best choice of tool for convincing the bowl is should separate from the dummy board. The direction the bevel on the chisel faces is very important, as is the general approach you take to using the chisel. It’s all about wedging, not prying.

Creating the paper joint

If you’re interested in using paper joints on your bowl turning projects, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help you out. There are a number of tricks in this process that will help contribute to your success. A great companion to this video on separating paper glue joints is our video that covers creating paper joints for bowl turning. You’ll learn the best methods for setting up and using a paper joint on your bowl turning projects.

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