George’s Jewelry

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Duration: 3:16

Here’s a common question; “What’s with the necklace that George always wears, and that ring on his right hand?” If you’ve been watching George’s videos for a while, you’ve seen him wearing the jewelry for a long time. What gives? That necklace looks like a tooth or claw. Where’d it come from?

These questions are asked so often that we took time out from the last video shoot to give George a chance to answer them. The necklace goes back to George’s experience with the Peace Corps in Swaziland, Africa. He’s had it for decades. The ring is part of a fraternal organization. Check out the video to learn more.

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5 Responses to “George’s Jewelry”

  1. James

    Friendly advice from someone who watched people learn the hard way — jewelry and power tools are a dangerous mix. I was with a guy who had his hand pulled into a lathe when his ring snagged on an edge. We couldn’t determine exactly what snagged because it happened so fast. He didn’t suffer a serious injury, but it sure woke everyone up and he was wide-eyed the rest of the day. Another guy had his necklace snag on a running table saw blade when he leaned in to look at something — just ripped the necklace off and sent it flying 30 feet hitting the back wall hard. Guy number 3 was back in the long-hair-hippy days — he leaned into a drill press as he was drilling and it grabbed his hair, smacked his head into the drill chuck and ripped out a nice chunk of scalp — George doesn’t have to heed this one. 🙂 After witnessing this, I am the most cautious guy in the shop and people get irked with me because I am always stopping them to modify their behavior if I spot them doing something risky. I have jewelry cup on a shelf just outside the shop door and the rule is you don’t enter wearing it. I know, I’m like a one man OSHA department. Sorry.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      No need to apologize. You make valid points. When I get into scenarios that make jewelry a bad idea, it comes off, without question.

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