Dust Collection Systems from Laguna

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Duration: 6:07

Effective dust collection in your shop is very important. Remember that reaction to dust is a cumulative thing. Not reacting today doesn’t mean you won’t become reactive in the future. The lesson out of this? Take care of your lungs by making certain you have good woodworking dust collection on your tools. Laguna Tools has introduced three new dust collectors that are worth a look. This video provides you with an overview of the three models.


Each of these Laguna dust collectors has features that will keep them effectively working, and grabbing dust, in your shop. Depending on which model you choose you can get some or all of these features:

  • Remote control
  • HEPA filtration
  • Beater bar to remove dust from the filter
  • Filter clogged indicator
  • Barrel full indicator
  • Easy to empty barrel
  • Acoustic insulation for noise reduction

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More info

Want to know more about these Laguna dust collectors? Visit www.lagunatools.com, www.lagunacleanair.com, or www.lagunatools.ca.

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9 Responses to “Dust Collection Systems from Laguna”

  1. Scott

    Hey guys, I have a small shop of around 400 sq ft, not a lot of space and am trying to figure out the best option for dust collection?
    Thanks, Scott

    • Customer Service

      Hi Scott. This will depend on the tools that you are using, the length and diameter of your duct runs. If you are planning to run a duct system and looking at the Laguna line I believe that you would want at least their 2 HP cyclone. You’ll want to confirm this with Laguna.

  2. John

    How large of a shop will the 3HP PFlux handle? Or possibly it would be better to ask is how long of a pipe run will it support? I plan to have only one dust port open at any one time but my future shop will be 30×60.
    Also I’d like to put the DC in an enclosed area to help reduce the noise even further. Any suggestions for ducking the exhaust from the unit. I realize that this air must get back into the shop but I want make the flow back as efficient as possible and leave the noise in the enclosed area.

    • Customer Service

      Hi John. There are many variables to consider when determining whether a particular dust collector will handle the requirements for a shop. Your ducting size and configuration will be as important as the overall length of each duct run. Having said that, if you will have ducting throughout your entire space, it seems like it might be more than I would expect from a 3 HP dust collector. I would suggest consulting with Laguna about your duct layout and to determine which dust collector(s) might be appropriate for your space.
      As far as returning air back into the shop, Unfortunately I don’t have experience with this so I don’t have any advice for you on this. I would suggest asking Laguna or your ductwork vendor about this as well.

  3. fleet56

    Not discussed but very important. These bigger guys are not “plug and play” as George calls it. They require hard wiring or additional wired plug such as a dryer.

    • George Vondriska
      George Vondriska

      Neither of the large units need to be hard wired. They just need a plug, which I was able to get at a home center.

  4. Bryan

    I was wondering. How do you clean the air filters on the C-Flux and the P-Flux? Do they have a manual handle for the kicker plates? Is there an electric motor that turns on from time to time?

    • Customer Service

      The CFLUX has a manual flapper mechanism that can be turned to knock the dust off of the filter. It also has an upgrade option that can automate this, and turn the flapper every so often to knock down the dust. The PFLUX does not have flappers, so you would use compressed air to knock dust off the filter.

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