Dust Collection Systems from Laguna

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Effective dust collection in your shop is very important. Remember that reaction to dust is a cumulative thing. Not reacting today doesn’t mean you won’t become reactive in the future. The lesson out of this? Take care of your lungs by making certain you have good woodworking dust collection on your tools. Laguna Tools has introduced three new dust collectors that are worth a look. This video provides you with an overview of the three models.


Each of these Laguna dust collectors has features that will keep them effectively working, and grabbing dust, in your shop. Depending on which model you choose you can get some or all of these features:

  • Remote control
  • HEPA filtration
  • Beater bar to remove dust from the filter
  • Filter clogged indicator
  • Barrel full indicator
  • Easy to empty barrel
  • Acoustic insulation for noise reduction

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More info

Want to know more about these Laguna dust collectors? Visit www.lagunatools.com, www.lagunacleanair.com, or www.lagunatools.ca.

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