Diablo Steel Demon Circular Saw Blade Review

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Duration: 2:41

Wow!! That’s my very understated reaction to the Freud Steel Demon circular saw blade. I ran across this blade while shopping for circular saw blades at a home center, and was amazed to see that it’s capable of cutting mild steel up to ¼” thick. No way!! I figured it’s time for a circular saw blade review.

Impressive results

To date I’ve been cutting metal for my welding projects with an abrasive disc. I MUCH prefer the cutting speed and cut quality from the Freud Steel Demon. After testing this on my circ saw I bought a 10” blade I can use on an old miter saw. That will really speed up my metal processing. I honestly can’t get over how well this blade plows through mild steel.


I don’t know the answer to this, yet. I’ve made dozens of cuts in mild steel with no degradation of performance so, so far so good.

Blades available

  • There are a few Steel Demon blades available.
  • Thin metal; less than 3/32” thick.
  • Medium metal; 1/16” – 1/8” thick.
  • Thick metal; 1/8” – 1/2” thick.
  • The thin and thick metal blades are available in 7-¼” blades with a 5/8” or 20 mm arbor. The medium metal blade is available in 6-½”, 6-¾”, 7” (20 mm arbor) and 7-¼”. I’m using a medium metal blade in this video. All of the blades have a TCG (triple chip grind).

More information

Want to know more about the Freud Steel Demon blades? Visit Freud’s website or call (800) 334-4107

Using power tools

From CNC routers to table saws to jointers, and more, WWGOA has LOTS of great information on using power tools. Have a look at our page dedicated to Using Power Tools.

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7 Responses to “Diablo Steel Demon Circular Saw Blade Review”

  1. Chris

    I do some metal fabrication as well. I have found a segmented blade, similar design to a diamond concrete blade, for cutting metal with a decent rate of cut and impressive longevity. I used to use an abrasive wheel as well, but at a 10″ diameter, I found that the wheel wanted to stray off my mark as I cut, making it difficult to make a square cut, so the steel segmented blade was a wonderful find for me. While this looks like an impressive blade for a circular saw, as far as longevity, I would put the segmented wheel up against this in my chop saw any day. I think the segmented blade is rated for 1000 plus cuts.

  2. mark.schweizer3

    will this blade cut wood too?
    I am re-purposing some 20 year old cedar decking, trimming the weathered 2x6s into 1x4s. I spend too much time looking for broken screws in the 2x6s.
    Will this blade solve that?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Mark,

      Here is the reply from our experts:

      The tooth geometry is ideal for steel, but will likely produce very poor results on wood. I haven’t tried it, but you might be able to get away with it for an occasional cut on a wood that is as soft as cedar, but what you are doing is a pretty intensive cutting operation; resawing and ripping. For what you are doing I would suggest investing in a good metal detector and cleaning up the wood first, then cutting using good woodworking blades.


      Woodworkers Guild of America

  3. Roger Austin

    I have friends who are firefighters and sometimes they will cut an approximate 4′ x 4′ square vent hole in a residential roof with a gas chainsaw. They will center the cut over a rafter, the bash one side in with sledge hammer so the 4′ x 4′ piece with either turn near vertical or fall in.

    So the question, is there a safer, more efficient tool to carry up a ladder onto a sloped, possibly metal, roof in the middle of the night-maybe in the rain- to do that job?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Roger,
      Thank you for contacting us. Great question! The ‘Ask an Expert’ section is currently for members of our online community. By becoming a member, you will have access to our expert’s knowledge in woodworking. With your membership you will also receive discounts on products and hours of Premium video content.
      If you are interested in becoming a member to Woodworkers Guild of America, please click on the special offer below:


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      We greatly appreciate your business!


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  4. Ryan Yeaglin

    I work in a metal fab shop for a living, I would NOT suggest wearing shorts while preforming any cutting operation involving sparks or hot metal chips.

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