Designing a Project Piece Using CAD

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Duration: 5:57

Using CAD software is becoming increasingly common for woodworkers and furniture designers, but learning how to use it can be intimidating. Bruce Kieffer joins George Vondriska to provide a simple demonstration and show you how designing a project piece using a CAD program may not be as complicated as you think.

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9 Responses to “Designing a Project Piece Using CAD”

  1. Dennis Pyron
    Dennis Pyron

    Designing a project with CAD… what CAD software was used WI is deminstration? Thanks in advance.

  2. John

    I realise this video was 2 years ago, but I found that the assumption was made that the viewer (me) had knowledge of CAD. The mouse seemed to whip around the screen, sorry but I’m not that young any more and need time for instructions to register. Regards

  3. Jay

    The resolution off this very short video was so poor that I am sure no one could make out what he was clicking on and how he was doing it. How using CAD is superior to pencil and paper (which is about 1/6000 of the cost of this Vectorworks programming suite) is not explained. CAD doesn’t build anything. It is only a drawing-blueprinting program. You still need knowledge of wood-building techniques. Once the basics are mastered, technology can sometimes make your projects easier, faster and more accurate to complete. Being able to draw an airplane doesn’t mean that I can build one that flies. For the vast majority of woodworking hobbyists, CAD is totally unneeded and majorly not cost-effective. Once you’ve built it, you’re only 1/2 way to completion unless you don’t plan on finishing it, which includes sanding, staining, sealing and varnishing, processes that often are best started before actual assembly is completed.