All You Need to Know About Wood Resin

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Duration: 9:03

Boy, there are A LOT of resin products available in the marketplace, and they’re not inexpensive. Just like you want to choose the right tool for your woodworking tasks, you also want to choose the right resin for your resin work. The right product for a resin table isn’t necessarily right for other wood resin or wood epoxy work. And yes, the words resin and epoxy can be used interchangeably.

Wood Resin Products Such As…

  • – Penetrating resin: Acts as a sealer and helps prevent bubbles
  • – Table top resin: For a thin pour and remains flexible so it can move with the wood
  • – MakerPoxy: Artistic epoxy. These products generally have better clarity than other resins and accept tinting better
  • – 2:1: Products in this family are very thin and are good for filling deeper voids like knots or cracks
  • – Casting resin: Poured into a form to make things like turning blanks, coasters or other objects

What does the ratio mean?

You’ll find resin in 1:1 mixes, 2:1 mixes, 5:1 mixes and more. Each of those products has a different application and using resin in the wrong application can be disastrous. Looking at the bottles, resin and hardener, will tell you tell you what the ratio is but nothing beats reading the manufacturer’s directions.

Other parameters

The depth of your pour is a HUGE factor in choosing the right resin. To make the resin work correctly be sure your shop is the right temperature. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer.

Where to get it

You can find many of the products we talked about in this video at TotalBoat’s website.

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